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 – Managing acne is an ongoing process. To keep breakouts to a minimum and your skin in the best of health, it’s important to continue with the right acne care routine day after day. As a result, you need a regimen that fits your lifestyle and allows you to care for your skin the way that you prefer. At drugstore.com, we have a variety of homeopathic acne care products for those who are looking for a more natural approach to addressing blemishes.
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What Does Homeopathic Mean?

Homeopathy is a natural healing practice that began during the late 18th century. The practice grew out of the research of a German doctor named Samuel Hahnemann. He believed that the best way to help the body overcome illnesses and chronic medical problems was to expose it to very small amounts of substances that would cause similar symptoms to the sickness or disease in large quantities.

Called the Law of Similars, this principle is the core of modern homeopathy. Practitioners maintain that allowing the body to come in contact with these small quantities of symptom-causing natural substances produces an immune response that then helps reduces symptoms. Conventional medical science is still evaluating the remedies used in homeopathy; however, in many parts of the world, the natural healing practice is accepted as an effective, reliable alternative to clinical interventions.

Common Ingredients in Homeopathic Blemish Products

All homeopathic products for blemish-prone skin contain diluted natural substances. While formulas vary, there are a number of ingredients that are commonly found in many homeopathic blemish care solutions. Plants like Hepar sulphur and Calcarea sulphurica are believed to reduce the discomfort associated with acne, while the plants Kali bromatum and Pulsatilla are thought to help promote a proper hormone balance to lessen the likelihood of breakouts. The natural element sulfur is frequently used in homeopathic acne remedies and is also an FDA-approved topical medicine for the treatment of acne.

Topical Solutions for Blemish Control

Many homeopathic blemish care products are applied directly to the skin. You can find homeopathic topical products that are formulated to help blemishes heal more quickly. These formulas are used on an as-needed basis when breakouts occur and only placed on zits. Other homeopathic topical acne products are used to make pimple outbreaks less frequent and are meant to be applied every day to all areas of the face and body that are prone to blemishes. Very few studies have examined the effectiveness of specific homeopathic remedies for acne and the results have been mixed. More research is needed to determine if homeopathic treatments can be helpful for acne.

Supplements for Promoting Clearer Skin

Homeopaths believe that acne can be successfully addressed through the use of oral remedies, and there are a number of supplements available that contain combinations of homeopathic ingredients. Supplements can be used on their own, along with homeopathic topical products or with traditional skin care products to manage blemish-prone skin. Because some of the ingredients in oral supplements can interfere with other supplements and medications, it’s important to consult a medical professional before starting on any homeopathic acne supplement.

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