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 – Acne is the most common dermatological problem in the United States, and unfortunately, it can be one of the most difficult skin care concerns to manage. This is particularly true for those with sensitive skin that can easily become irritated by the oil-controlling acne care products available on the market. If you are committed to leading a more natural life, you may also struggle to find acne care solutions to suit your needs, as many formulas use medicinals to address the underlying causes of acne.
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Whether you have sensitive skin or are looking for alternative solutions for acne, drugstore.com can help you find the products that you need to promote clearer skin with our homeopathic acne care collection. These products contain natural ingredients and are formulated based on the principles of homeopathy, an alternative healing tradition that can be traced back to the work of 18th century physician Samuel Hahnemann.

One of the basic principles of homeopathy is that conditions that affect the skin and the rest of the body can be better addressed with natural substances that produce reactions similar to the problems that they are used to address. For acne, this means using products that stimulate the body's natural defenses and help to encourage the repair of blemished skin. The ingredients that are used in homeopathic acne care formulas have been employed by natural practitioners for centuries, and although western medical science has only now begun to study their effects, many people have found relief from frequent breakouts through their use.

The homeopathic acne care collection at drugstore.com includes a variety of topical products that may help to address acne by acting on the skin itself. One of the most common ingredients in these topical products is tea tree oil, a botanical extract derived from a tree that is native to Australia. Tea tree oil has a purifying effect when applied to the skin that may help to reduce oil production while fighting bacteria. In addition, tea tree oil has soothing, calming abilities that can alleviate some of the redness of existing blemishes.

Topical homeopathic acne care products include a wide variety of formulas. Spot treatments are available to address blemishes that have already developed on the complexion. There are also all-over topical formulas that work on the pores to keep them open, clean and purified in order to reduce the frequency of breakouts. You'll even find complete homeopathic acne systems that can form the cornerstone of your daily anti-acne skin care regimen.

In addition to topical products, our homeopathic acne care collection includes oral dietary supplements. These formulas contain extracts commonly used to address acne in the homeopathic traditions. You can use the oral supplements on their own or in conjunction with topical products.

drugstore.com has a complete range of homeopathic acne care solutions to meet your needs. Whether you prefer topical products or dietary supplements, you'll find the ideal solutions to fit your lifestyle and suit your tastes here in our collection. Begin your search for the natural homeopathic remedies that you need to help you promote clearer, more beautiful skin by shopping the homeopathic acne care collection at drugstore.com now. Remember that it’s important to talk to your doctor, pharmacist or homeopathic practitioner before beginning any skin care regimen to ensure that you decide upon a course of therapy best suited to your needs.

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