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 –  When you blow-dry your hair, you're hoping to get the perfect style, so that you can look your best all day long. Nothing can cause a bad hair day faster than frizzy results from blow-drying, but you can battle frizz effectively with the right hair dryer. The ionic blow dryers sold at drugstore.com can help you get smoother, sleeker results from styling due to their unique technology.
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What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Why does frizz form when you're trying to blow-dry your hair? Science provides the answer. Your hair consists of tiny protein fibers that overlap and form the strand. When your hair is exposed to humidity, moisture from the environment becomes absorbed by the strands. This pushes outwards on the hair, lifting the protein fibers that make up the outer covering of the strands. The new shape of the strands causes bonds to form along the hair, leading to irregular curling that appears as frizz. Static electricity or the build-up of positively charged electrical particles on your hair adds to the problem, causing your hair strands to repel one another and stand up instead of lying flat.

How Do Ions Help Hair?

Ionic hair dryers get their name from their ability to produce negatively charged particles called ions. When positively charged particles build-up on your hair, the negative ions from the hair dryer join with them, which has the effect of neutralizing static. The negative ions also help to seal and smooth the hair strands. As you blow-dry, the particles flatten raised fibers to counteract the effects of humidity. The result is smoother hair that is less likely to be frizzy or plagued by fly-aways. You can enhance the frizz-reducing effects of your ionic hair dryer by applying an anti-frizz or smoothing serum, cream, lotion, mousse or spray prior to blow-drying.

Other Benefits of Ionic Blow Dryers

The ability of ionic blow-dryers to reduce frizz is one of their most appealing benefits, but ionic technology offers other advantages for your hairstyling routine. Because ionic blow-dryers seal the strands, they lock moisture inside of the cores of the hair. This can help to reduce the risk of dryness, which can contribute to breakage and split ends and leave the hair feeling straw-like and crispy. Ionic hair dryers also enhance the luster or shine of the hair, giving it a healthier appearance.

Tips For Picking the Perfect Ionic Hair Dryer

When shopping for an ionic hair dryer, you'll need to take a few things into consideration to ensure that you select the perfect model. First, decide which wattage or power rating is right for your hair's needs. The coarser and thicker your hair is, the more powerful your blow-dryer will need to be to dry your hair quickly. Next, consider whether or not you need any type of attachments to achieve your ideal hairstyle. For example, you may want to purchase a model with a diffuser for styling curly hair or a round blow-dryer brush to turn your ends under. Lastly, keep your budget in mind as you shop. You can use the check boxes on the left to refine your search and shop ionic hair dryers by price.

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