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Jewelry Cleaners

 –  You've invested money in your jewelry collection, and you want to keep the pieces that you own looking beautiful, so that you can continue to enjoy them for years. To keep your jewelry looking as good as new, you must clean it on a regular basis with a high quality jewelry cleaner or jewelry cleaning appliance. drugstore.com makes getting the jewelry cleaning supplies that you need a simple task.
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Why Clean Your Jewelry?

Many people wonder if cleaning their jewelry is really necessary. The truth is that failing to clean your jewelry can greatly affect its appearance and even lead to wear and tear. Just like your skin and clothing, your jewelry comes in contact with debris in the environment all day long, and some of these fine particulates can be harmful to gemstones and precious metals. For example, ordinary household cleaning products can eat away at some metals and gemstones. Cleaning your jewelry on a regular basis will help to remove any fine particulates that have collected on the surface of your earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets to help protect them from damage. Some precious metals, such as copper and sterling silver, can react with oxygen in the environment and become discolored as a result. Regular cleaning can help to remove tarnishing, so that the color of your jewelry remains true and rich.

The Benefits of Traditional Liquid Cleaners

The most common type of jewelry cleaner designed for use at a home is the liquid cleaner. To use a liquid cleaner, you simply soak your jewelry in the solution for the amount of time recommended on the manufacturer's packaging. Most liquid cleaners include a small brush, which should be used to gently scrub jewelry after it has soaked. Then, jewelry can be rinsed with lukewarm water and dried with a lint-free cloth. Not all liquid jewelry cleaners are safe for all types of jewelry, so be sure to read the instructions carefully before soaking your jewelry in any cleaning solution.

Cloths, Wipes and Sticks for Quick and Easy Care

Sometimes, a full soak in a liquid jewelry cleaner isn't needed to clean jewelry. You can use polishing cloths to help remove signs of tarnishing from sterling silver and other precious metal jewelry. To quickly remove a spot or mark from a piece of jewelry, you can buff it with a dry wipe, which can help to lift away small amounts of dirt and debris when you don't have time for a complete soak. You can use a cleaning stick to remove film from the surface of a piece of diamond or cubic zirconia jewelry to keep it sparkling in-between thorough cleanings.

Jeweler-Strength Cleaning at Home

When you take your jewelry to a jeweler for professional cleaning, your pieces are usually placed in an ultrasonic cleaner. These electric appliances produce tiny vibrations to help remove stubborn debris that cannot be loosened with cloths, liquid cleaners or cleaning brushes. To recreate professional cleaning, you can purchase an at-home sonic jewelry cleaner. These products typically come with the liquid cleaner required for best results.

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