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Lash Growth and Conditioners

 –  Full, long lashes are every woman's dream, but few of us were born with thick, voluminous lashes. Mascara can go a long way toward improving the look of the lash line, but the effects of cosmetics are short-lived. Once you take off your mascara, you're once again faced with the same wispy or short lashes with which you started, and as you age, you may find that your lashes become even thinner. Fortunately, there are ways to enhance the look of your lashes by improving their health and promoting their growth, and you'll a find a range of solutions to help you get beautiful results in the lash growth and conditioners department at drugstore.com.
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Your eyelashes emerge from tiny follicles along your lash line. Inside them, cells work to generate proteins, which are bound together to produce the hairs that emerge and grow into your eyelashes. To produce new protein fibers, your follicles require essential nutrients, which are utilized to manufacture cells. Eyelash growth products provide these essential nutrients and may also contain additional ingredients that help to stimulate eyelash growth. A growth formula can help to encourage the production of eyelash hairs to promote thicker growth along the lash line.

A lack of growth is not always the cause of a wispy lash line. You may find that you have plenty of growth but that the hairs that emerge from your follicles are thin. Volumizing lash products are designed to plump and thicken each individual lash. These formulas may work in a variety of ways, but many deposit proteins to the hairs to add to their width. The results of these types of lash enhancers are cumulative with thickness being added gradually over time.

The texture of your lashes also has a big impact upon their appearance. When your eyelashes become too dry, they can appear thinner and wispier. Severely dehydrated lashes are prone to becoming brittle and can actually break, robbing you of long, lush lashes. Eyelash conditioners are products that help to combat dryness. The formulas contain emollients that penetrate the outer covering of the eyelash hairs to impart moisture into their middle and lower layers. By replenishing hydration, the conditioners make the lashes more pliable, so that they are less likely to break.

Lash growth formulas and conditioners come in many different formulations. Some products are simple products that are applied once or twice per day. Others double as cosmetics, allowing you to treat your eyelashes to beneficial ingredients when you apply your mascara or your eyeliner. Some formulas also double as eyebrow growth solutions, conditioners or enhancers, and these products are perfect for women who are noticing sparse growth on both the brows and the lashes.

The lash growth and conditioners department at drugstore.com includes many different solutions and products for the eyelashes. You'll find products from bargain brands as well as from dermatologist skin care collections. Whatever product you choose, keep in mind that lash growth and conditioning formulas take time to produce results. Use the product as directed daily to help get the most out of the formula.

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