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Lip Liners

 – Lip liner can truly transform the appearance of the lips when the right shade is applied correctly. Liners accentuate the shape of the mouth and can be used to give the illusion that the lips are fuller, wider or thinner. drugstore.com has a huge selection of lip liners, so you can find the perfect style to get the effects that you want from your liner.
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Contouring with Lip Liner

Lip liner is primarily used for contouring or shaping the mouth. You should always apply your liner before your lipstick, so that you can easily see the shape of your lips. If you want to make your lips look fuller with liner, trace the lips right along the edge. To widen the lips, apply your liner on the outside of your lip line, and to make larger lips seem smaller, contour along the inside of the lip line, applying liner to the lips themselves. If you make any mistakes, use concealer to camouflage or dot on makeup remover to lift it away.

Shading with Lip Liner

You can also use lip liner to shade the entire lip area. Doing so after you've drawn the contours of your lips will give you a more natural effect. Even if you aren't contouring your mouth, applying a layer of color with lip liner can make a wonderful base for lipstain or lip gloss. You can also wear lipstick over a layer of lip liner, and the base will help the color to last longer.

Types of Lip Liners

There are two main types of lip liner products: pencils and crayons. Pencils have stiffer tips and will take more pressure to apply for a vibrant look. However, they make more precise lines, so they may be preferable if you have just begun to experiment with lip makeup and accessories and haven't yet developed a steady hand when applying liner. You'll need to sharpen a lip pencil frequently to keep the tip honed for best results. Crayon lip liners have softer tips, allowing them to sweep on more easily. A crayon will give you richer color with less pressure, but the softer tip can increase the risk of jagged and uneven lines. Liner crayons may or may not need sharpening depending on their type. A third, less common, type of lip liner is the marker tip pen. These pens contain a liquid-based formula that provides very dark, rich color without the need to apply pressure. Marker or pen lip liners provide the least control, as their tips are flexible and can bend and wiggle.

Choosing the Right Color

Selecting the right color of lip liner is as important as getting the right type for your needs. For creating the illusion of fuller or wider lips, always use a liner the exact same color as your lipstick. If you're looking to give the illusion of thinness, a lip liner that is one shade darker than your lipstick will add to the effect.

Lip liner application techniques can take time to perfect, so be sure to spend some time practicing and playing with your new lip makeup once it arrives.

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