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Men's Hair Regrowth

 – No matter how well you take care of your hair, the tendency toward hair loss may simply be part of your genes. Luckily, in this day and age, there’s no reason why you should need to simply accept baldness or thinning hair without putting up a fight. drugstore.com has a wide assortment of over-the-counter men's products that are designed to promote hair regrowth.
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What Causes Hair Loss?

For most men, the tendency toward hair loss is predetermined in your genetics. As you reach your 30s or 40s (or sometimes earlier or later in life), your hair may begin to thin naturally. The hormone to blame for this tendency is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a natural byproduct of testosterone. Men who suffer from male pattern baldness have hair follicles that are especially sensitive to DHT. Over time, the hormone shrinks these follicles and eventually may cause them to stop growing hair altogether.

Other men can blame hair loss on external factors. Severe stress, poor nutrition, or a sudden traumatic injury can all lead to hair loss—though this type of loss is usually reversible once you change your habits. Hair loss can also be caused by health conditions. Consult your doctor if your hair begins to thin very suddenly.

Topical Hair Regrowth Products

Often, the first product men turn to when they begin to notice hair loss is one of the many topical medications that can help stimulate your follicles and encourage regrowth. The most common ingredient in these products is a medicine called minoxidil. Originally discovered and marketed as an oral drug to combat high blood pressure, doctors found that minoxidil also had the unexpected side effect of causing hair growth. Researchers soon discovered that the drug would have the same effect when applied topically to areas where hair is thinning or growth has stopped completely. It's still not known exactly how products containing minoxidil work, but they can help reinvigorate hair follicles that you may long ago have deemed dormant. Over time, these men's hair care products can stimulate hair regrowth, minimize fall-out and even promote regrowth of hair in some cases.

Topical products must be applied daily and indefinitely in order for them to continue working. If you stop using minoxidil, your hair will eventually begin thinning to the same extent as it was before use. These products are typically applied in very small amounts using a dropper. There are also foaming formulations. Over time, applying topical products will become as familiar and second nature as your daily use of your regular hair care routine. You can also opt for shampoos that are specially formulated to add volume to thinning hair as well as conditioners that nourish the scalp and hair without weigh-down.

Other Hair Regrowth Products

Without venturing into the realm of medications to fight hair loss, there are still a few other options available from drugstore.com. Some products use low-level lasers to target the cells within your scalp and help promote hair growth. Others use natural ingredients to stimulate the scalp to promote healthy growth. Another option when it comes to dealing with or hiding hair loss is to simply use styling products in order to give the illusion of more volume.

As long as you take action against hair loss before it becomes too much of a problem, there's typically no reason why you shouldn't be able to find a hair care regimen that has significant positive impact on your thinning locks.

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