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Men's Hair Regrowth

 – Everyone loves having a full head of hair. Hair is fun to style and to run your hands through. Hair is also one of the defining traits of people, giving them a unique personality and character. Unfortunately for some men, their hairlines recede or they start thinning at the crown and the balding area gets incrementally larger with time. drugstore.com offers a range of products to help you address hair loss.
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Dihydrotestosterone’s Role in Baldness

Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is a male sex hormone that is the primary cause of male pattern baldness. This hormone which is useful in the early stages of life later loses its purpose and in some people begins to negatively interact with hair follicles specifically the ones that are sensitive to DHT. When they come in contact with the hormone, they shrink. This causes hair thinning and baldness. For sensitive people, the more DHT they have on their scalp, the more pronounced the hair loss. But there is a wide range of hair care products that help combat DHT.

drugstore.com provides an assortment of products, such as shampoos for thinning hair, to help improve volume and make the hair appear thicker. Many of these products help by stimulating the scalp, promoting growth and also strengthening the individual strands. These shampoos are best used in combination with conditioners for thinning hair and work together to deliver vital nutrients to the scalp and to promote fuller, thicker hair. In fact, many hair restoration brands contain an entire line, or system, of products to help combat hair loss – from shampoo to conditioner to hair creams, sprays, serums and drops that can all work in a complementary fashion to help mitigate the effects of DHT.

Minoxidil’s Ability to Restore Growth

Minoxidil is an ingredient in some hair care products that can help with hair loss. Minoxidil was originally a prescription drug initially intended to treat high blood pressure. However, patients taking this medication were surprised by one of the side effects: hair growth. These patients started growing more hair on the backs of their palms, their cheeks, and other places where normally the hair had been soft and fine. The mechanisms at work are still unclear, but Minoxidil in many patients can lead to the darkening of finer body hairs or significant hair growth. And so the idea formed, then, that using minoxidil topically might help hair loss patients with hair regrowth. However, while minoxidil is an FDA approved hair restoration medication, it must be applied indefinitely or the hair loss is most likely to resume.

A Range of Options

When deciding which route to take when combatting hair loss, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor to see which options he or she recommends. Whatever options you decide upon, drugstore.com is sure to have the product to meet your needs. We have an affordable assortment of hair restorative shampoos, conditioners, serums and sprays. Get your luscious locks back with help from drugstore.com today.

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