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Men's Skin Care

- The skin is the largest organ in your body, and it's comprised of delicate tissues that need to be nurtured and protected. From cleansing to hydrating to fighting blemishes, a good skin care regimen should be a part of every man's daily routine. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide assortment of men's skin care products that includes face washes, body lotions, acne care products, and even concealers and powders. Browse the selection today to start taking better care of your skin.
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Adequate Cleansing to Remove Grime

During your daily life, you're going to come into contact with dirt and other contaminants in the environment that collect on your face and body. Skin also produces natural oils to help keep it hydrated, but those oils can accumulate and do damage if they aren't regularly washed away. To fight off breakouts (and keep yourself from particularly foul body odor), you need to cleanse your entire body regularly. Soap and body wash are the top options for removing grime from the body. For your face, you might choose a face wash or face scrub that's designed to get rid of grime without doing damage to the skin. Specialty versions of these products are also available for dry or oily skin.

Nurture Skin with Lotions

One of the most commonly ignored skin care steps is the important process of moisturizing. Dry skin can become itchy, cracked, flaky, and unsightly, but it can also often be avoided. You'll find men's body lotions formulated with ingredients that hydrate and nourish skin. Products are easy to apply whenever your skin starts to feel dry, and you can also make lotion part of your regular routine after you shower. Face lotions contain similar ingredients, but they are designed to moisturize skin without making it feel oily or causing breakouts.

Fight Acne and Cover Up Blemishes

Acne is one of the most common problems that can impact men of all ages. When excess dirt and oil clog pores, bacteria are allowed to collect, and whiteheads or blackheads form. Two of the most trusted active ingredients to fight acne are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These are also sometimes paired with natural ingredients that may have antibacterial properties. If you are suffering from unsightly acne, you can find concealers and powders that are specifically designed for men, and you can use them to cover up your blemishes quickly and easily.

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