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Nail Clippers

 – From birth, your fingernails and toenails grow constantly. Many people choose to keep their nails long, while others prefer to cut them short. No matter your preference, everyone needs quality nail clippers to be able to trim nails whenever necessary. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide assortment of nail clippers that you can use to give yourself manicures and pedicures at home. Available in different styles and sizes, these products can be used to meet all of your nail care needs.
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Types of Nail Clippers

Even though it might seem like a relatively simple task, you can find several completely different styles of tools to help you shorten fingernails and/or toenails.
  • Nail scissors look (and function) like a small pair of the scissors you might use for everyday tasks, and they can be used to hone in on a very precise cut.
  • Compound lever clippers feature two blades atop one another, and they use a lever and fulcrum system that allows you to cut the entire nail at once.
  • Plier nail clippers are particularly hearty--making them a good choice for thick nails.
  • Finally, guillotine style clippers have a hole in the middle where you can insert your nail to ensure an even cut.

Nail Clipper Variations

Apart from the different styles of nail clippers, you can also choose among variations according to size, sharpness, and design.

Fingernail clippers are generally much smaller products than toenail clippers because fingernails are thinner.

You might also want nail clippers that are less sharp if you are going to be using them on a child as opposed to your own adult nails.

The handles on nail clippers vary, and some products are made entirely from metal, while others feature plastic grips that may be easier to hold.

Certain nail clippers are also equipped with nail files that can be used to smooth rough edges. Many of these files have pointed tips so that you can remove dirt from beneath the nail.

Caring for Nail Clippers

Regardless of the type of nail clipper you use, you should always keep these products clean to avoid spreading fungus or infection. Sterilize your nail clippers regularly--especially if you are going to be sharing them among other members of your household.

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