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Nail Files

- Nail files are some of the most versatile tools you can keep in your nail care arsenal. These products may be used to shape nail tips in addition to buffing their surfaces for optimal smoothness. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide assortment of nail files. You can find tools made from an array of materials that feature a range of grit levels. Many products also give you several filing surfaces so that you can put them to a number of different uses.
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Tweezerman SPA Ingrown Toenail File- 1 ea
Tweezerman - SPA Ingrown Toenail File - 1 ea
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Nail Files vs Buffers

Regular nail files can be used to shape the tips of nails to keep them free of sharp corners and jagged edges. They can be used to smooth tips right after you cut them, and they can also help salvage chipped or broken nails. Another type of nail implement is the nail buffer. These tools are used on the surface of the nail to help smooth out the imperfections that naturally occur on nail exteriors. You can use these products to make nails shine and also prime them before applying polish.

Understanding Grit Levels

Most nail files are given a numerical rating to indicate how coarse or fine their grit is. Lower numbers correspond to rougher files, while higher numbers represent smoother files. The grit level of a nail file can give you an idea of what it should be used for. For example, very rough files (grit 100 or below) should only be used on artificial nails because they will likely do damage to natural nails.

Very smooth files (grit 1,000 and above) won't actually do much in terms of shaving down the nail, so they are designed for use in polishing. Medium files (grit 180-500) can be used to shape nail tips and buff their surfaces.

Product Materials and Styles

You can find nail files made of several different types of materials, including metal, emery, and glass.

Emery boards are among the most popular nail files because the granular rock can be ground into a wide range of grits.

Metal files are usually very coarse, while glass files are very fine.

Many nail files and buffers will have multiple surfaces with different grits. You can use these to promote smoother, shinier nails by starting with the roughest surface and then sequentially working your way up to the smoother surfaces.

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