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Nail Implements

 – Considering how small they are, your fingernails and toenails actually require a lot of care to keep them looking good. From clippers designed to keep nails the right length to files, buffers, and cuticle care products to maintain health and appearance, you need to have several high-quality tools in your medicine cabinet. drugstore.com has a wide range of nail implements to help give yourself great manicures and pedicures at home.
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How to Cut Your Nails Properly

If you have always gotten professional manicures and pedicures, there's a chance that you may rarely have cut your own nails. The number one goal when cutting your fingernails or toenails is to clip the part that has grown out too far without damaging your nails or skin. To begin, you should position the clipper along the area of the nail that you want to cut. Be careful not to place the blades too close to the spot where your skin and nail come together (known as the quick) because clipping nails too far down can be quite painful. Rather than cutting large portions of your nails at once – which is more likely to cause breakage – you should target small sections of your nails with each cut. Each individual nail might take several clips to get them to the desired length, but you will always be well in control. Rather than nail clippers, some people prefer to use nail scissors to keep them trimmed. While you hold these products in your hand a little differently, the principles behind cutting are the same.

Filing and Buffing Your Nails

In addition to keeping your nails the proper length, many people also like to use specific tools and accessories to keep both the tips and the surfaces of nails smooth. Nail files and buffers are great tools to help improve the look of your nails, especially before applying other popular products like nail polish. Files can be used to smooth out and shape the tips of your nails after you have cut them to your desired length. Buffers, on the other hand, are used to smooth the exterior surfaces of your nails themselves. Many buffers have four different surfaces that can be used one by one on each nail. When using these products, begin with the coarsest side of your implement, and then move onto smoother surfaces until you are actually using the buffer to make your nails shine.

Caring for Cuticles

Depending on your personal preferences, you can decide how you want to care for your cuticles (the small patch of skin that connects the base of your nail with the skin that surrounds it). After treating cuticles with a moisturizing product, some people choose simply to push them back while others prefer to cut them off. Make sure to use extreme caution if you choose to clip cuticles. Use a tool designed for the task and only cut off any excess skin rather than trying to get rid of the cuticle entirely. If you cut the skin too close to the base of your nail, you may increase your chances of infection.

From keeping your nails healthy to ensuring they always look good, you can find all the tools you need at drugstore.com. Shop the selection of nail implements today.

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