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Nail Treatments

 – When your fingernails and toenails look their best, you feel better and you look better, but for many people, having perfect nails just doesn't come naturally. If you're struggling with a nail care problem, using a treatment on a regular basis can help you overcome whatever is standing in your way of having healthy, attractive nails. drugstore.com has a wide selection of treatments with solutions for every concern.
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Hardening Treatments for Strength

If you want to grow longer nails, you can't help but feel disappointed every time one cracks or breaks. While nail breakage is a normal occurrence, if it seems that your nails routinely break even when very little pressure is applied to them, a hardening treatment may be the ideal solution for you. These manicure products typically brush on like nail polish and leave behind a hard coating that strengthens the nails. They also contain ingredients that penetrate the nails and help to reinforce them from within to reduce the chance of breaking.

Conditioning Treatments for Flexibility

Nails don't just break because of a lack of strength. In some cases, nails are susceptible to breakage because they overly dry. If your nails are dry, they may appear crumbly or you may notice signs of dry skin in the cuticle area. Conditioning treatments and nail oils can help to moisturize dry nails. With regular use, these products can make nails more pliable, so that they are better able to bend with pressure instead of snapping or breaking.

Solutions for Ridges

Many people develop ridges and depressions on their nails that cannot be filed away with nail implements. Sometimes, these symptoms are indications of an illness or a disease, so it's important to talk to your doctor about them. In the event that these flaws are not caused by a medical condition that requires medicinal treatment, you can use nail treatments to help address them. Special products are available to brush over the nails and fill in ridges and pits and can be used alone or beneath colored nail polish.

Products for Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a common problem that typically affects the toenails rather than the fingernails and occurs when microbes colonize on the nails. Its signs include yellowing of the nails, brittleness, loose nails and thickening. If you have nail fungus, your doctor may prescribe a treatment for you, but in many cases, he or she will recommend an over-the-counter nail treatment. These products are brushed onto the nails and contain ingredients that limit the growth of fungus or that kill the fungal cells. It can take several months to fully address a nail fungal infection with topical products.

Supplements for the Nails

In addition to topical treatments for the nails, you can also find dietary supplements formulated to assist with nail growth. These products may contain biotin, a vitamin that has been shown in some studies to strengthen brittle nails and assist with nail growth. Silicone, horsetail extract and a variety of minerals may also be used in nail supplements. The effectiveness of nutrients for promoting nail growth and assisting with nail care problems is still being studied by scientists. Consult your doctor before using a supplement to ensure that it is a safe choice for your needs.

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