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Nail Treatments

 – Healthy nails are a sign of good grooming and that you care about your appearance. People notice details like how your nails look. To have attractive nails, you have to care for them regularly and give them the nutritional support they need for strength and resiliency. There are a variety of nail care products available to help keep your nails strong and looking their best.
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Nail Treatments for Healthy, More Attractive Nails

Beautiful nails arise from healthy cuticles. Nail cuticles have a protective function. They protect the matrix of the nail, the portion from which the nail grows. Just as the rest of your skin dries out, so can your cuticles, especially when they're exposed to water. Cuticle replenishing oil restores lost moisture to your cuticles while nourishing and conditioning them to help them stay healthy.

Do you suffer from weak nails that crack, peel or break easily? Nail thickeners thicken and reinforce weak nails making them more resistant to breakage. When your nails are stronger you can grow them longer without breaking. Thickeners are a fast-acting repair formula for weak or brittle nails. Strengthening topcoats made for nails are high-gloss, finishing coats for nails that lock in and protect nail color while adding strength and resiliency to weak nails that could benefit from reinforcement. It's the ideal finishing treatment after applying nail color.

Healthier Nails from the Inside Out

Healthy nails are built around good nutrition. If you're eating an unhealthy diet that lacks essential vitamins and minerals it can show up in your nails. Nails are made from a protein called keratin. Hair and nail formulas are formulated with ingredients like amino acid complexes that supply your nails with the building blocks they need to form keratin. Certain vitamin deficiencies are also linked with weak nails including biotin, a B vitamin. Zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium are additional minerals important for healthy nails. Hair and nail supplements provide nutritional support for optimal nail strength and growth. They fill in where diet leaves off. Biotin is also available as a standalone supplement for nail health.

Healthy Hands and Nails

Healthy nails are only one aspect of attractive hands. Take steps to keep your hands moist and nourished too. Hand and nail cream contains natural oils and ingredients that hydrate and nourish hands and nails. Your hands and nails are constantly exposed to the environment and to cleansing products when you wash them. Hand and nail cream helps re-hydrate to create hands, nails and cuticles that feel smoother and are more resilient. Keep a tube with you and use it every time you wash your hands.

One habit that can greatly impact the health and appearance of your nails is nail biting. Available are nail solutions made with plant-based ingredients that have a bitter taste. When you chew on your nails, the bitterness is a constant reminder not to bite. These solutions are free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde.

The Bottom Line

Good nutrition and nail care will help keep your nails healthy and strong. Take advantage of the products available to help you enhance the appearance of your nails – for nails you'll be proud to show the world.

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