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Nail Treatments

 – Nail polish products can go a long way toward enhancing the beauty of your nails, but they're not always enough to give you picture perfect nails on their own. When you're suffering from a nail care problem, a nail treatment can bridge the gap and help you minimize imperfections so that your nails can truly look their best whether they're polished or bare. At drugstore.com, we offer nail treatments for many types of common concerns to help you discover the solution you require.
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Promote Longer, Stronger Growth

If you just can't get your nails to grow long and strong, you're not alone. Problems with growth and frequent breakage are incredibly common nail care woes, and some brands of makeup products now offer many solutions for these problems.

Strengthening treatments typically provide the nails with added protein to reinforce them and make them less likely to break. Some of these products contain other ingredients that leave behind a hard covering over the fingernails so that they are better able to withstand pressure without breaking. You can find strengthening products that brush on just like polishes as well as creams and oils that you rub onto your nails.

Topical Solutions for Nail Problems

With the wide range of nail treatments on the market today, it's possible to address virtually any nail care concern with a topical product. Formulas that contain antifungal medications or natural plant extracts believed to have antifungal properties can be used for fungal toenail and fingernail infections after receiving a diagnosis from a doctor.

Moisturizing products can help make brittle nails less likely to break and can restore luster to dull nails. You can even find products that make it unpleasant to bite your nails so that you can get the help you need to break a bad habit.

Beautify Nails from the Inside Out

Sometimes, nail care problems are linked with dietary deficiencies. Your body needs certain nutrients to produce strong, healthy nail cells and support growth. Dietary supplements for nail health can help you ensure that you're getting the right mix of nutrients to promote healthy nails.

Ingredients in these products vary, but most contain vitamins and minerals like biotin that have been shown to play an important role in nail growth and health. Products may also include herbal extracts that are used as folk remedies for nail care problems. A medical professional can help you decide if a nail supplement could help you beautify your nails and provide you with personal advice regarding which type to buy.

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