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Natural Lips

 –  Your lips complete your smile and form your words as you speak, making them a part of your face that people notice the most. Accentuating and beautifying your lips with cosmetics doesn't mean having to give up your green and natural philosophy. drugstore.com carries a large selection of natural lip cosmetics to complete your makeup looks using the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.
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Natural Versus Organic: What's the Difference?

In natural lip cosmetics collections, you'll find both natural and organic products. Understanding the difference between the two types of green lip care formulas can help you select the right formula to fit your lifestyle and your beauty routine. Natural lip cosmetics are those made primarily from ingredients sourced from the natural world, such as plant-based pigments and fragrances. Organic lip cosmetics are also made primarily from natural ingredients, but many of the raw materials that they contain were grown and processed without the use of chemicals like pesticides. To be labeled as organic, a lip cosmetic product must be certified by one of the more than 90 associations and government agencies around the world that offers organic certification. Qualifications for organic certification vary from group to group. In the U.S., the U.S. Department of Agriculture is one of the leading certifiers of organic products and only grants organic status to products that get at least 95 percent of their volume from natural ingredients that were organically grown.

Why Go Natural?

There are many reasons why consumers may opt for natural cosmetics for the face and lips. Many people who choose to go natural and organic do so in order to lower their impact on the environment. These individuals are striving to use fewer chemicals in order to simplify daily life and live closer to nature. Others choose natural products in order to avoid certain synthetic ingredients that may have triggered sensitivity or allergic reactions in the past. This is especially true for lip products, as many people develop skin irritation in the lip area due to the delicate nature of the tissue.

Natural Lip Color Options

Choosing natural makeup doesn't mean limiting your options when it comes to lip color. You can find a wide variety of lip color products that are naturally based or organic certified. For a hint of color, try a natural tinted lip balm or lip gloss. These products give translucent color while conditioning the lips or adding shine. Natural lipstick will provide bolder opaque coloration. You can also find natural lip pencils for defining the lip area. Don't be afraid to layer on multiple natural lip color products to create makeup looks with dimension and depth.

Formulas for Promoting More Beautiful Lips

In addition to lip color formulas, natural and organic cosmetics collections include lip products that help to improve the health of the lip tissue, so that your lips look more attractive even without makeup. You can find moisturizers and balms for soothing irritation and softening dry skin. There are also anti-aging lip products that minimize the appearance of fine lines and provide protection from damaging free radicals in the environment.

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