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Natural Tools and Accessories

 –  Leading a greener lifestyle means making small changes to your daily life to reduce your eco impact. By substituting products that don't contribute to waste in landfills or are derived from renewable resources with greener alternatives, you can do your part to make a big difference in the health of the planet. When it comes time to replace your makeup tools and accessories, drugstore.com can help you make the switch to more eco-friendly solutions. We have many sustainable options to add to your cosmetics collection.
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Apply Your Cosmetics the Natural Way

Ever think about what conventional cosmetics makeup brushes are made of? Often, the materials used to construct these brushes are not exactly eco-friendly. Tools with wood handles are products of deforestation, while products constructed out of plastics could be derived from nonrenewable petroleum. When they're thrown away, metal and plastic makeup brushes won't break down in landfills, adding to problems with waste.

Fortunately, there are makeup brushes available that are more in line with your green beliefs. Instead of being made from brand new plastic or metal, many of these tools are derived from recycled materials, so they keep waste out of landfills.

In addition, you can find sustainable tools with bamboo handles. Although bamboo looks and feels much like wood, the plant grows at a rapid pace, is abundant and readily available and doesn't cause deforestation when it's harvested. You can find natural makeup brushes for your face, eyes and lips, making it possible to green your entire brush collection.

Blend and Perfect with Natural Elements

Many women use sponges to blend makeup and correct little flaws during application, and conventional sponge products are typically produced from synthetic foams. Natural alternatives are available for more green-minded ladies.

Usually made from plant-based fibers like cellulose, these sponges work just like conventional ones, but when they are thrown away, they break down more readily in landfills. In addition, their manufacturing doesn't use up valuable resources because they are derived from sustainable plants that are widely available.

Green Alternatives to Disposable Accessories

Cotton swabs, circles and balls can be handy for removing makeup and fixing mistakes when you're applying your makeup. While cotton is a natural substance, some people have concerns about the way the plant is grown on conventional farms.

For these individuals, organic cotton products make a great alternative. The cotton from which these swabs, balls and circles are made is grown without exposure to synthetic pesticides and fertilizers to protect the Earth.

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