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Normal Shampoos

 – Many shampoo formulas are packed full of enriching proteins, minerals, and vitamins in order to deliver vitality enhancement along with great cleansing capabilities. Choosing your formula to meet the needs of your particular hair type and concerns goes a long way to producing silky soft, strong, radiant locks. Here’s a look at some of the most common types of shampoos.
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Suave Naturals Shampoo, Tropical Coconut- 22.5 fl oz
$3.49$0.16 / oz
OGX Shampoo, Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil- 13 fl oz
$5.79 - $12.99save up to 28%
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Daily clarifying shampoo – Designed for a wide range of hair types, including normal, dry, and oily, basic cleansing shampoos are formulated to remove the buildup that stifles vitality and shine. Available for all hair types, cleansing shampoos promote manageability and renewed strength.

Replenishing formula – Designed for dry to damaged hair types, replenishing formulas infuse fresh vitality through a bevy of moisture-rich ingredients, while also cleansing the hair.

Intensive shampoos – Often infused with natural ingredients and rich nutrients for the hair, intensive shampoos provide gentle cleansing capabilities coupled with rejuvenating actions that restore the silky strength of tresses.

Silver formulas – Intended to rejuvenate gray or silver hair, silver shampoos are blended with ingredients that nourish each strand while neutralizing brassy tones. They are designed to rejuvenate tired strands with fresh hydration, moisturizing them back into plump, soft tresses.

Chlorine removal shampoo – Blended with ingredients that assist in removing chlorine that has bonded to your strands making them weak, dry, and unmanageable, chlorine-removal shampoos effectively eliminate chlorine accumulation from your hair before it can cause damage.

Shampoo formula for sensitive skin types – Avoiding the harshness of chemicals and synthetic ingredients, sensitive-type shampoos offer gentle cleansing that removes buildup without irritating the scalp.

Organic shampoo formulas – Created for individuals who enjoy using formulas blended with organic ingredients, this style of shampoo is gentle and filled with nourishing ingredients chosen for their ability to cleanse, soften, and hydrate, and deliver a gorgeous shine.

Dry shampoos – Blended with unique ingredients that cleanse the hair without the use of water, dry shampoos are perfect for individuals on the go as well as for bedridden people who have difficulty getting someone to come in and wash their hair for them. Dry shampoos often contain additional ingredients that nourish and soften the hair while gently cleansing it.

Scalp normalizing shampoos – This style of product is blended with ingredients that minimize the flaking that occurs due to dry scalp conditions and excessive buildup of dead skin cells. They usually offer soothing formulas that calm dry, irritated scalps along with ingredients that help to strengthen hair follicles. Of course, these capabilities are in addition to actually cleansing the hair in order to restore manageability and natural shine.

Three-in-one shampoo, bath, and shower gel solutions – Providing a convenient solution for all of your hair and body cleansing needs, 3-in-1 formulas deliver a bevy of cleansing ingredients that effectively lift dirt away from the skin and hair. Many of these formulas also condition the skin and scalp with moisturizing components.

Two-in-one shampoo and conditioner products – Providing the convenience of a single product to both wash and condition your hair, 2-in-1 formulas are available for all hair types, including permed and color-treated.

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