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Oils and Powders

 – Many people may be familiar with some of the common uses associated with oil and powder products - such as skin moisturizing - yet there are some extraordinary uses for these items too. The range of oil and powder products on drugstore.com is geared for people with young and mature skin alike. Customers will see that some products historically marketed for babies have some surprising benefits for adults, too!
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Johnson's Baby Powder, Original- 22 oz
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Lock in Moisture

Many oil-based skin care products like baby oil are designed to help the skin lock in moisture so that it does not become dry. Dry skin tends to itch and flake and severe dry skin can be quite uncomfortable, particularly when it leads to dry red patches and even cracking. Baby oil, and various other types of oil-based products featured in this gallery, can help protect skin that is prone to dryness or prevent seasonal elements from stealing moisture from the skin.

Soothe Your Skin

Oils and powders can both be ideal for soothing the skin. Baby powder, for instance, has long been used to soothe babies' delicate skin, but it can also keep adult skin feeling supple and smelling fresh too. Various dusting and baby powders keep the skin feeling soft and smooth. Some products here may boast natural fragrances while others are designed with attractive scents.

Nourish the Skin

For customers worried about whether their skin is getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs, some products offer these elements as well as nourishing additives like aloe that can substantially benefit the look and feel of the skin. Both oil and powder products may boast Vitamin E that has particular benefits for the skin. As you read through the product descriptions you'll find that several boast nourishing ingredients that are designed to enhance the complexion.

Be Calm

Some featured products are designed with aromatherapy in mind. Manufacturers have created a range of products that may soothe one's mood - not just the skin! Scents like chamomile and lavender have long been revered for their calming benefits: these oil and powder products can benefit both babies and adults.

Prevent Wetness

Many powder products that contain ingredients like talc are used to ward off excess wetness. Baby powder, for example, is often used by adults, especially during warm weather, when they want to feel dry all over - less sticky from perspiration. Many powders featured on drugstore.com offer this popular benefit.

Extra Benefits

While powders and oils are typically purchased for the benefits already mentioned, they do have a few extraordinary uses that consumers have found to be quite helpful at home. For example:

• Baby oil can be used during bath time in place of shaving cream. Just a couple drops of your favorite baby oil provide the protection the skin needs from nicks and scrapes. It will also prevent dryness which is often associated with razor shaving.

• A few drops of some oil products rubbed on exposed skin can provide some protection from bugs. Moreover, a natural oil product can be safer to use than many bug sprays on the market made with chemicals.

• Gardeners have long used a light dusting of baby powder atop their bulbs when storing for the winter. The powder prevents the bulbs from rotting.

• A sprinkling of baby powder on summer sheets can help keep them fresh. A slight dusting of baby powder can also refresh old books and prevent them from smelling musty.

• Oils and powders have long been hallmarks of beauty and health regimens. The items featured in this gallery may prove ideally suited to you too!

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