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Paddle Brushes

 –  When it comes to hairstyling, the right brush can make all the difference in the appearance of your tresses. There are many different types of hair brushes on the market, and each type is ideal for specific styling tasks. Paddle brushes are designed to assist with straightening and to complete other steps in hairstyling routines. drugstore.com can help you find the perfect paddle brush with a large number of options.
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What is a Paddle Brush?

Paddle brushes can be easily identified by the design of their heads. A paddle brush will have a wide head that is shaped like a rectangle or a square. The bristles of the brush are positioned on just one side of the head, and often they are fed through a cushion or pad. The brush is gripped by a round or flat narrow handle that extends from the head. Some paddle brushes have special non-slip grips that make them easier to grasp.

Using Paddle Brushes for Straightening

One of the most common uses for paddle brushes is straightening the hair. The wide, flat head of the brush helps to pull the hair taut while you move the bristles through your hair. By running a paddle brush through your hair as you blow dry, you can straighten waves and loose curls to get a sleeker, smoother hairstyle. Depending on the thickness, coarseness and the tightness of your natural curls and waves, you may still need to flat iron your hair to completely straighten your tresses; however, using a paddle brush while blow drying will often allow you to use the flat iron on a lower heat setting to reduce the risk of damage.

Other Benefits of Paddle Brushes

Paddle brushes offer other benefits for the hair that may make one the ideal choice for your hairstyling needs. A paddle brush can be used to smooth hair that has become mussed due to sleep, exercise, wind or other factors. The large size of a paddle brush's head makes it ideal for separating long hair to help keep tangles from forming throughout the day. Some stylists recommend the use of paddle brushes to clients who have thin hair, as the wide head stimulates the scalp and may help to increase blood flow to the hair follicles. In addition, a paddle brush can help to remove flakes that develop due to dry scalp or dandruff.

Tips for Choosing a Paddle Brush

To choose the right paddle brush for your hair, start by considering its length and thickness. The longer and thicker your hair is, the wider your paddle brush's head should be to make styling as quick and simple as possible. You can also compare the bristles of the brushes. Natural boar hair and porcupine brushes will help to increase the shine of your hair while minimizing frizz and distributing scalp oils through the strands to moisturize the tresses. Nylon bristle or plastic bristle brushes may be a better choice for hair prone to tangles. For straightening fine and thin hair, look for a paddle brush with a cushion that will cut down on the amount of stress exerted on the strands. A rigid, cushion-less design will likely be more beneficial for straightening coarse and thick hair.

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