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Polish Remover

 – Freshly polished nails are beautiful, but when your polish starts to chip, you're probably due for another manicure. Polish remover is an essential part of your nail care routine, allowing you to clean your nails before you reapply any polish. Whether you always head to the salon for a manicure and pedicure or prefer to do them at home, you need polish remover to keep your nails looking their best.
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When your nail polish inevitably smudges or chips, you want to correct the flawed nail. Polish remover features the right blend of ingredients to effectively and efficiently eliminate polish from your nails. You might use polish remover when you're ready for a color change, allowing you to eliminate your current polish before replacing it with another one. You might want to give your nails a break from polish, a goal you can achieve with remover as well. Or, perhaps you noticed an unfortunate smudge or chip on just one finger, and you want to erase that polish and start over. For all of these purposes, polish remover is your go-to product.


A variety of polish removers are available, and you can choose which style is right for you depending on the product's ingredients and styles. Polish removers typically come in two forms: acetone based or non-acetone. Acetone is a common ingredient in many household products, and it is an effective ingredient when you want to eliminate nail polish. In fact, some polish removers feature 100% acetone thanks to its effectiveness. However, if you do not want to put this ingredient on your skin, you can also find non-acetone polish removers. These removers, while equally effective, are ideal for sensitive skin types that might be prone to react to acetone. Common ingredients in these non-acetone formulas include acetate, ethyl alcohol, and glycerin.


The traditional type of polish remover is a liquid, the style frequently seen in nail salons. Simply apply some of the polish remover to a cotton ball, rub it on your nail, and watch as the polish disappears. Polish remover pads offer an alternative way to eliminate unwanted nail polish. These pads are already saturated in polish remover, allowing you to quickly and easily swipe them across your nails for quick removal. These products are ideal for erasing your traditional nail polish.

If you have gel nails, you can find a remover designed especially for gel polishes. Rather than applying a formula to your nails, you use a tool. This tool allows you to lift and push away the gel polish once it starts to fade.

Finally, you can find tools designed especially for quick nail touchups. Corrector pens feature a specialized tip where you can clean up any polish mistakes. For example, if polish runs into your cuticle bed or appears on your fingers, you can simply swipe the tip across the affected area to easily erase the polish.

Eliminating unwanted nail polish has never been easier thanks to a variety of polish removal options. Find the right one for your nails today.

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