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Polish Remover

 – While you likely put a lot of thought into the nail polish you apply, the same attention needs to be paid to the products you use to remove it. Different types of nail polish remover are designed to target different types of polish as well as being used to nurture, strengthen, and moisturize your nails. drugstore.com has a wide assortment of polish removers to fit your needs.
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How Nail Polish Remover Works

In order to figure out which nail polish remover you want to buy, it's important to understand how these products actually work. All nail polishes contain solvents as one of their main ingredients – which is why they don't dry out before they are applied. Nail polish remover contains these same solvents and simply breaks the polish back down into the state it was in before it dried. Once polish is soft again, it can be easily wiped away.

Acetone or Non-Acetone?

The most common question when it comes to purchasing nail polish remover is whether to get one that contains acetone or not. Acetone is one of the most popular types of solvents used in a vast number of removers. It tends to work very quickly and is one of the most effective ingredients for removing tougher nail polish such as the type used for gel manicures. On the other hand, this chemical can also be harsh on your skin and nails. For this reason, some people prefer nail polish removers that are formulated without acetone.

Most non-acetone removers use ethyl acetate or isopropyl alcohol as their main ingredients. These chemicals work as solvents like acetone, but they tend to be gentler on your nails and skin in the process. While eventually just as effective on most polishes, these removers often take longer to work, and they may not be able to remove gel polish. Non-acetone removers are recommended for taking off artificial nails, however, because acetone tends to dissolve the nail itself while these products just dissolve the bonds.

In general, the choice between acetone and non-acetone comes down to a personal preference. Both have their pros and cons, and you should always make sure to moisturize your skin after use, regardless of what type of remover you apply.

Specialty Products

In addition to the decision about what chemicals to use, you can also choose nail polish remover based on how it will help enrich your nails. Certain products are formulated with either nail strengthening or moisturizing ingredients to treat your nails during and after the process of removing polish. Strengthening products contain proteins and vitamins that help make your nails tougher and lessen the effects of harsh chemicals, while moisturizing removers tend to contain ingredients like aloe that can keep nails from drying out.

Other products available from drugstore.com simply make it easier for you to give yourself a manicure and pedicure. These tools, like corrector pens and nail polish remover pads, make it easy to fix mistakes while you apply polish or quickly wipe away what you've done so that you can start again.

No matter what products you use as part of your beauty routine, drugstore.com has the polish removers you will need in order to be able to clean the color away and start fresh. Browse the wide selection of products today to find the right one for you.

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