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Pore Strips

- Got problem pores? If you're prone to skin congestion and have blackheads looming on your forehead, nose and chin, your complexion is in need of some deep cleaning to eliminate built-up dirt, oil and cellular debris. Pore strips from drugstore.com can help you purify your pores with ease to reduce the prominence of blackheads and promote a clearer complexion. We have a wide selection of pore strip kits available from top brands that address problem pores on all parts of the face.
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A Quick Way to Address Congestion

Skin congestion and blackheads occur when makeup residue, dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil from the skin become trapped in the pores. The clogs that form in the pores can harden and become difficult to remove just by cleansing.

Pore strips are designed to actually lift the material that's clogging the pores out of the openings in the skin. As a result, they can provide immediate improvements in the appearance of complexions that are plagued by blackheads and other signs of skin congestion. Pore strips can make for a very important addition to your acne care regimen.

How Pore Strips Work

Pore strips are made out of fabric that is coated with an adhesive material. When you moisten your skin and press the strip against it, the adhesive allows the strip to stick in place. The strip then gradually dries, and in the process it catches hold of clogs that are close to the openings in the pores. The clogs then lift out of the skin when you peel off the dried pore strip. It's important that you carefully follow the instructions for the pore strips that you purchase to get the best results from your treatment.

Strips for Every Problem Zone

In order for a pore strip to work properly, it needs to conform to the contours of your face. That's why many pore strips are made for one particular part of the complexion. The strips have unique shapes that allow them to fit properly against the nose, forehead or chin. As you shop for pore strips, you'll find kits that contain strips for just one trouble zone and kits that provide an assortment of strips for treating the entire face.

Added Acne Fighting Benefits

Some pore strips are enriched with ingredients that allow them to provide additional benefits for acne-prone skin. You can find strips that contain witch hazel, which tightens the pores and helps to break up clogs. Strips may also include tea tree oil, which has been shown in studies to fight the bacteria that cause breakouts and to help regulate oil production.

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