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Pore Strips

 –  When you think of acne, you likely picture zits and pimples breaking out along your complexion, but acne includes more than just whiteheads and red, inflamed breakouts. Acne also causes blackheads, an unsightly problem that can greatly detract from your appearance. While many acne products can make some improvement in the skin for those who suffer from blackheads, there are few skin care solutions that can address the problem as effectively as pore strips.
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Pore strips are a unique acne care solution that is ideal for those who suffer from blackheads on the nose, forehead and chin. To understand how pore strips can improve your complexion, it's important to first know why blackheads form in the first place. A blackhead is a pore that has become clogged. Many different types of materials can contribute to clogs, including oil from your pores, makeup residue, sweat and dirt. Clogs in the pores develop gradually over time, and in some cases, they become infected, giving rise to pimples. In the case of blackheads, an infection does not occur, but the clog partially hardens and shows up as a gray or black dot.

People can develop blackheads anywhere on the complexion; however, most often, they form in the t-zone, the area comprised of the chin, nose and forehead. These areas are often the oiliest portions of the complexion, and as a result, the pores in the t-zone are far more likely to become blocked. Once the pores are blocked and marked with blackheads, ordinary cleansers are typically ineffective at loosening the debris, and many acne products are also unable to dissolve the clogs.

Pore strips are designed to mechanically remove clogs from the pores. The strips are made of materials that are similar to papier mâché. When they are applied to wet skin, the underside of the strip softens and sticks to the complexion. Gradually, the strips begin to dry and harden. As this happens, the strips stick to the debris that is caught in the pores. When you lift off the strips, the blockages can be completely or partially removed as well, leading to less discoloration in the blackhead area.

In order to get the most out of any pore strip product, it’s important that you use the strips correctly. Read the instructions carefully and be sure to follow them exactly as written for best results. Don't leave the strips on for more or less time than the manufacturer recommends.

At drugstore.com, we have many different pore strip solutions to help you address blackheads and enhance the appearance of your complexion. We carry products from all of the biggest brands in pore strips, and you'll find solutions in our collection made especially for the nose as well as for the forehead and chin. Wherever you have blackheads, you can find products in our collection to help you purify your pores and work to minimize blockages. When combined with a full daily skin care regimen tailored to the needs of your complexion, pore strips can make a big difference in the appearance of your skin. Shop our collection now to find the best pore strip solution for your needs.

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