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 –  Think of how many times during the day people see your hands! Those around you notice your hands everywhere that you go, which is why wearing a simple ring can make a bold fashion statement. Rings can also be used to remind you of commitments and promises and are given and exchanged for all types of occasions. At drugstore.com, we can help you find the perfect ring to make a bold statement to the world or a sentimental statement to someone special.
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Many Metal Options

When you're shopping for rings, you're going to encounter names and terms related to the materials from which the designs are made. Nearly all rings are made out of some type of metal, such as steel, sterling silver, gold or tungsten carbide. Some are made from a solid piece of a single metal while others have a thin layer of precious metal applied to their surface to add to their value and enhance their appearance.

These rings are sometimes called "plated." If you're shopping for jewelry that is made out of gold or plated with gold, you'll see the word "karat" used to tell you just how much genuine gold is present in the ring. 24-karat gold is pure, 100 percent gold. The smaller the karat number is the less genuine gold is present in the metal and the more companion metals it contains.

Gorgeous Gemstones

Many rings contain one or more gemstones, adding color and sparkle to their designs. Gemstone rings are very popular choices for engagement rings, promise rings and commitment rings. As you shop for gemstone rings, you may see the size of the gem referred to in "carats." The larger the carat rating is, the heavier the stone is.

Gemstones found in rings may be natural, meaning that they were sourced from nature and are 100 percent genuine gems. Other gems are synthetic, meaning that they were produced in a laboratory and given the same chemical properties as genuine gemstones. Synthetic gems are made as an affordable alternative to natural stones. Simulated gems are made to be cost-effective replicas of the real thing that offer similar visual benefits without providing the same chemical properties.

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