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 – It can be fun to change your hairstyle, particularly for special occasions or a big night out. When you want to boost the volume of fine hair or add some temporary curls, hair rollers are the ideal solution. From tight ringlets to large waves, you can create a variety of effects depending on the size and shape of your rollers. Browse drugstore.com to find the right rollers for you.
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Remington Style Ceramic Compact Hot Rollers, Model H1015F- 1 ea
Remington - Style Ceramic Compact Hot Rollers, Model H1015F - 1 ea
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Caruso ProTraveler Molecular Steam Hairsetter, 14 Rollers, 5 Sizes- 1 ea
Caruso - ProTraveler Molecular Steam Hairsetter, 14 Rollers, 5 Sizes - 1 ea
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Heated Rollers

If you have medium-length to long hair and want to create curls or add volume, heated rollers allow you to style your hair in minutes. The size and heat of the rollers can be altered to produce a number of different effects. Large rollers on a low heat can be used to generate soft, loose waves. In contrast, smaller rollers on low heat can be used to generate tight waves in minutes. Small rollers combined with a high heat setting can produce firm, tight curls. Many of the heated roller sets available in the hair care section of drugstore.com contain a range of sizes, allowing you to style your hair to suit your mood.

Self-grip or Velcro Rollers

You can avoid fiddling around with pins and clips by using self-grip or Velcro rollers to style your hair. While your hair is damp, divide it into sections. Wind a section of hair around each roller and either allow to slowly air dry or blow dry if you are short of time. Once your hair is dry, you can gently unwind each roller and leave behind just the right amount of curl.

Spiral Rollers

To achieve ringlets in long hair, you may decide to use spiral rollers. These long thin rods can be wound into damp hair to create tight, uniform curls. Beauty experts suggest that you can achieve the best effects by separating your hair into one inch sections. Wind each section around a spiral roller, beginning at the tip and working toward the root. Clip the roller in place and allow your hair to air dry, if you have time. Carefully remove each roller. You will find that you are left with springy, long-lasting curls.

Styling Your Hair While You Are On the Go

There are times when you will want to create beautiful curls away from home. You may be travelling, visiting relatives or hitting the gym before you go to work or head out on the town. No matter where you are, you can create the perfect hairstyle with a set of travel rollers. These compact sets contain all you need to generate tight curls or soft waves. Whether you prefer to use heated or unheated rollers, you will find a travel set on drugstore.com that will fit with your lifestyle.

Experiment with Different Shapes and Sizes

Gone are the days when hair rollers had to be straight. On drugstore.com, you will find a variety of shapes, from flexible rods to conical rollers. Why settle for one type of roller when you can experiment with a variety of shapes and sizes to achieve looks that will suit different outfits and changing moods.

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