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Scar Therapy

- Having a visible scar can make you feel self-conscious, and they're often difficult to hide with cosmetics. Facial scars can be particularly troublesome as you can't cover the area with clothing. Fortunately, drugstore.com offers a variety of solutions specifically formulated for scars. These products are designed to help soften and minimize the appearance of scars, whether they're on your face or another part of your body. Scar therapy products contain ingredients that work with your skin to help reduce the appearance of scars.
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What Causes Scars?

A scar is a response to injury. It’s your body's attempt to fill in the injured area by producing more skin tissue. Unfortunately, the new tissue looks different from the surrounding skin. Scarring can occur from a variety of skin injuries, including burns, cuts, puncture wounds, or at the site of a surgical incision.

Some people also experience stretch marks which typically occur when the skin stretches too far. Stretch marks are common during pregnancy and periods of rapid weight gain.

Does Silicone Work on Scars?

Scar therapy products help to flatten and smooth raised scars. Some scar therapy products contain silicone as an active ingredient. Silicone is used by some hospitals and medical centers to help reduce the thickness, color, and size of scars after surgery or following an injury. Silicone forms an ultra-thin protective layer over the scar to protect it and keep it moist as it helps normalize the healing process.

Additional Options for Scars

Other scar therapy products contain onion extract which some scientists believe may help improve the appearance of scars.

There are also ingredients often included in scar therapy products that hydrate and soften scarred areas to help smooth and soften their appearance. Some scar lotions are enriched with cell-protective antioxidants that fight free radical damage as they create a healthy environment for healing. Many contain natural botanicals and oils that hydrate and soothe the injured or scarred area.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully before using a scar therapy product. Some products are intended to be used after the wound has fully closed. Ask your doctor which product is right for you.

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