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Scar Therapy

 –  Scars are a natural part of the healing process, a reminder of a wound that lingers long after the skin has been repaired. If you have noticeable scarring on your face or body, you may feel self-conscious about the appearance of your skin. Even very minor scarring can have a detrimental impact on a man or woman's self-esteem. While many scars fade over time on their own, the negative psychological impact of scarring leads many people to look for solutions to speed up their scar’s disappearance. The scar therapy lotion department at drugstore.com provides a variety of options to help you minimize the appearance of scar tissue.
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To understand how scar therapy lotions may address scar tissue, it's important to first know how scars form. Following an injury, burn, infection, surgical procedure or another event or condition that causes a wound in the skin; the body begins to rapidly manufacture new skin in the affected area to close the wound. In order to quickly cover the opening in the skin, the skin-producing cells manufacture fibroblasts, a type of connective tissue that differs in structure and texture from the keratin fibers that make up the rest of the skin. If a wound is very small and heals quickly, typical skin cells are manufactured in the area soon after the wound has closed and no scar forms, but with more severe wounds, the fibrous skin tissue remains visible long after the wound heals.

Scar therapy products may address scarring in many different ways. One of the most common types of scar therapy solutions is silicone, which comes in gels and sheets. Silicone is often used in hospitals and medical settings to reduce scar tissue following severe burns and other injuries. When applied to the scar, the silicone helps to keep the skin hydrated and regulates the production of cells in the area, which minimizes the appearance of scars. Most often, silicone-based scar therapy products are used for raised scars, such as keloids and hypertrophic scarring.

If you have a scar that is not raised but instead is discolored and smooth, other types of scar therapy products are likely more ideal for your needs. Other products contain natural extracts like red onion extract or medicinal ingredients that help to even out the skin tone in areas of scarring. There are also products that are intended specifically for reducing the appearance of stretch marks, a scarring of the lower levels of skin that sometimes develop during pregnancy or as a result of rapid weight gain or growth.

Unsure what type of scar therapy product is best for your needs or what type of scar you have? Your primary physician or a dermatologist should be able to advise you on what types of interventions are most likely to produce results. Whatever recommendations you receive, you're sure to find the ideal topical scar therapy product for your needs here at drugstore.com. We have many different solutions from silicone products to medicinals to 100 percent natural formulas. Shop the collection now to see our great selection!

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