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Shave Minimizing

- If you find that you constantly need to shave unwanted hair, then you may be interested in finding an alternative way to prolong smooth skin. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide assortment of shave minimizing lotions that can help slow hair growth when they are applied regularly. These products can be used after hair removal and added to your skin care regimen in order to extend the length of time between shaves.
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How Do Hair Growth Inhibitors Work?

Both men and women frequently deal with unwanted hair growth on different areas of the body. While shaving is an effective way to remove hair when it starts to become noticeably long, the process of shaving can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

Growth inhibitors use a variety of ingredients to interfere with hair growth so that it returns more slowly in between shaves. These products can be applied regularly to minimize how often you need to break out the razor.

While most hair minimizers aren't specifically vetted by the FDA, some products make use of herbal ingredients or plant enzymes that may prevent hair from regenerating. Others contain ingredients that may specifically target hairs in the anagen (growing) phase to help limit keratin production and halt growth.

Prescription growth inhibitors are also available with active ingredients that are approved for use on facial hair. Shave minimizing lotions shouldn't be confused with depilatory products, which actually break down hairs for easy removal. In fact, shave minimizers can be used in tandem with depilatories to slow regrowth.

Using Shave Minimizing Lotions

It's important that you follow the instructions for use that are unique to each type of shave minimizing lotion. Some products are designed to be used immediately after shaving to begin slowing growth before it can start. Others are formulated as maintenance products and should be applied regularly to continue to be effective.

Many shave minimizing lotions also have moisturizing and rejuvenating properties so that they can nurture skin in addition to inhibiting hair growth. Talk to your doctor if you are particularly concerned by unwanted body or facial hair--especially if over-the-counter shave minimizing lotions don't have the desired effect.

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