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Shave Minimizing

 –  Where do you hate to shave? Maybe you hate the hassle of having to shave your legs in the tub or shower. Maybe you're tired of the irritation that comes with shaving under your arms, or maybe the difficulty of shaving your bikini line is your biggest hair removal woe.
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While shaving is a simple way to deal with unwanted body hair, it does take up time, lead to hassles, make a mess and irritate the skin tissue. Shave minimizing body lotions are designed to help to minimize the frustrations that come with shaving by helping you to shave less frequently.

Shave minimizing body lotions are designed to be companions to shaving with electric or traditional razors. These products help to extend the results from shaving, allowing women to shave less frequently without having embarrassing visible body hair in unwanted areas. Unlike depilatories, shave minimizing body lotions are not hair removal solutions. They simply act on the hair follicles to affect hair growth. As a result, they do not cause the same redness, inflammation and other signs of irritation that are common with depilatory hair removal products. In fact, the body lotions are typically enriched with emollients to help soften the skin and improve its health and texture.

One of the ways that shave minimizing body lotions can help to reduce the need for shaving is by affecting the growth phase of body hair. All of your hairs on your body and head go through three stages: the anagen or active growth phase, the catagen or dormant phase and the telogen or shedding phase. Many shave minimizing body lotions contain ingredients that shift hairs from the anagen phase to the catagen phase. This leads to a halt in hair growth and makes the body prepare the hair for shedding. When this happens to a hair that has recently been shaved, the hair will remain cropped close to the skin until it is time for it to be naturally eliminated during the telogen phase.

Shave minimizing body lotions may also affect the development of the hairs that are in the active growth stage. Ingredients in this type of shave minimizer act upon the hair-producing cells in the skin, interfering with their ability to produce new keratin, the protein that is the primary component of body hair. By disrupting keratin production, the shave minimizing body lotion makes it more difficult for the cells to manufacture hairs. As a result, the hairs that are in the growth phase grow much more slowly, meaning that you can shave less frequently.

To get the best results possible from a shave minimizer body lotion, it's vital that you follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly as they were written. Most body lotions require consistent use once or twice per day on an ongoing basis to produce noticeable results in terms of decreased growth. See for yourself how much more bearable shaving can be when you can reach for your razor less frequently. Shop the shave minimizing body lotions collection at drugstore.com and discover the perfect formula for your needs.

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