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- Want to instantly enhance the beauty of your skin? Moisturizing body lotions can do more than just hydrate skin from head to toe. Some skin care products on the market today can actually leave behind a luminous finish to enhance the appearance of skin the moment they're applied. At drugstore.com, we make it easy to find these types of beauty-boosting body lotions. We've placed all of our shimmer body lotions in this product assortment, so you can quickly find the right one to beautify your skin.
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Add a Little Luster

All body lotions are used to hydrate skin and replace the moisture that is lost every day due to evaporation. Shimmer body lotions allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of moisturizing body lotion, but they also change the way skin appears. Their formulas contain suspended particles that cling to the skin and reflect light. Wherever you apply a shimmer body lotion, you'll notice a sparkly, lustrous finish. Many people like to use shimmer body lotion to add an attractive shimmer to their skin for special occasions or for everyday beauty.

Disguise Imperfections

If you have skin imperfections on your body, a shimmer body lotion can help you minimize those flaws. The luminous finish left behind by a shimmer body lotion can make wrinkles appear less deep, so they are more difficult to spot. In addition, shimmer body lotions leave stressed, dull skin appearing healthier and more radiant. With regular use, the moisturizing ingredients in the shimmer body lotion can address the dryness that causes dullness and soothe irritation to provide long-term improvements in the way your skin looks and feels.

Finding the Right Lotion

There are many things to consider when choosing a shimmer body lotion. Products can vary in form. Lightweight lotions can be used by all skin types, but are especially ideal for oilier skin. Richer shimmer creams can supply dry skin with extra hydration to meet its moisture needs. Shimmer body lotions leave behind different scents, so you'll want to find one with a fragrance that's appealing to you. Some products may contain ingredients that are beneficial for people with certain skin types or concerns. You can read the product descriptions to learn more about each lotion.

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