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Shower Caps

 – Shower caps can be incredibly useful on those occasions when you know you need a shower, but you don't have time to wash and dry your hair. Simply tuck your long locks under the cap and your hair will stay dry while you wash the rest of your body. Shower caps come in many different styles and colors from which to choose.

Whether you are finally getting around to buying your first shower cap, or you need a replacement for a cap that is getting worn out and tatty, there is sure to be a perfect option for you.
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Disposable Shower Caps

Some people prefer the cleanliness of a fresh shower cap with every use. The convenience of starting with a fresh cap with every shower and simply discarding the cap when done appeals to many consumers. Disposable shower caps are very easy to use and you don’t have to worry about taking steps to store them properly.

Disposable shower caps are small and lightweight, which makes them ideal travelling companions. You may also want to use a disposable cap when conditioners your hair to prevent the shower water from washing off the conditioner too soon. Leaving conditioner on your hair for longer allows it to work deeply into each strand, leading to silkier, softer hair. You can also place a shower cap over your hair after applying hair dye, which will help the dye to stay in place and prevent it from staining your skin, clothes or furniture. The advantage of using a disposable cap for dying your hair is that you do not have to worry about getting the cap clean again.

Reusable Shower Caps

Not everyone feels comfortable with the idea of buying disposable shower caps and throwing them out after a single use. A more environmentally friendly option is to buy a reusable shower cap that you can keep for a long time. Always choose a high quality vinyl shower cap, perhaps with a soft lining on the inside, to protect your hair while showering.

Caring For Your Cap

To keep your cap clean, always rinse it off thoroughly to remove all traces of soap or shampoo, and hang it up in a dry place to air out. Every so often, you can clean the cap with vinegar, which kills mold, to keep it clean and fresh.

Choosing a Shower Cap

Not all shower caps are created equal. Although the elastic brim allows most caps to fit almost any size of head, they all have slightly different amounts of space within the cap. If you have a lot of hair that needs to be piled up beneath the cap, then make sure you choose one that is extra roomy!

Stylish Shower Caps

Who says you can't look good while you are in the shower? You can buy caps that are printed with all kinds of patterns and other designs, which can make bath time a little more fun. These stylish shower caps make excellent and practical gifts for long-haired family members and friends.

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