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 – Nothing can ruin your morning faster than realizing you're in the midst of a bad hair day. Trying to tame wild strands, combat frizz or style curly or straight tresses to perfection can be challenging from time to time, and while you can't completely prevent bad hair days from occurring, including a smoothing conditioner in your daily beauty regimen can greatly reduce their frequency. drugstore.com is proud to offer many smoothing conditioners and we are pleased to help you obtain the beautiful smooth hair that you desire.
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Humidity and Frizz

When it comes to bad hair days, humidity is one of the biggest culprits. Excess moisture in the air means that the hair can absorb more water from the environment. When this occurs, the strands become engorged and begin to bend and twist in irregular patterns, creating frizz. Smoothing conditioners with anti-frizz formulas address the source of the problem by leaving behind a coating on the strands while sealing the cuticle. As your hair dries, this coating reduces how much moisture your hair can absorb from humid air, resulting in tamer, easier to manage locks.

Smoothing Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is far more prone to bad hair days than healthy tresses. Strands that are damaged often have flaws and snags along their outer covering, which can make the hair stick out in random places. If the tresses are so damaged that they have begun to break, their uneven and split ends can also become unsightly. Repairing and smoothing conditioners address the problem of damage by helping to mend the tresses. These formulas use strengtheners like keratin to patch blemishes and flaws and restore moisture to the core of the strands. Over time, these conditioners can lead to healthier hair that is less prone to fly-aways.

Smoothing Conditioners for Curls

Even at its healthiest, curly hair can pose problems when it comes time to style. Curls may lie unevenly, be too tight or too loose or look frizzy as they dry. A number of hair care brands produce smoothing conditioners especially for curly coifs. These products leave curls more defined and even in shape while reducing frizz. Some also contain amplifiers that pump up the curls and increase the amount of waves.

Straight and Sleek

Men and women with straight tresses can also run into problems with their locks. Few people have perfectly straight hair, and instead, have sections that become wavy as they dry. By using a smoothing conditioner for straight hair, you can help to combat this common problem. Some of these smoothing conditioners contain ingredients that break the chemical bonds that cause the hair to curl. As you dry and style your hair, the bonds are kept from reforming, so that your straight locks are sleeker and perfectly smooth.

Specialty Smoothers

A number of specialty smoothing conditioners are available for other hair care needs. Natural formulas are geared toward men and women with sensitive scalps, as they contain mild ingredients sourced from plants and other elements in the environment. They’re also a great option for those who are interested in living a much more natural lifestyle. Shine-enhancing formulas leave behind glossing extracts that make the hair appear healthier by increasing its natural luster.

Because bad hair days can arise due to so many different causes, drugstore.com has a wide selection of smoothing conditioners available. In our collection, you'll find solutions for minimizing frizz, smoothing damaged strands, taming curls and reducing waves in straight tresses. Browse our selection now to find the ideal smoothing formula to fight back against bad hair days.

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