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Spa Glvoes

 – A manicure and pedicure leaves your nails looking beautiful, so you can appear polished and put together wherever you go. Mani-pedis don't have to just focus on caring for the nails – with the right supplies, you can also pamper your hands and feet during an at-home manicure or pedicure. drugstore.com can help you add luxury to your mani-pedi with an array of spa gloves and socks.
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What Are Spa Gloves and Spa Socks?

When you visit a salon or spa for a manicure or pedicure, you're often treated to pampering hand and foot treatments in addition to care for the nails. These treatments may involve the use of special tools, creams, lotions, oils or equipment and are geared toward improving the health of the skin and perfecting its appearance and texture. Spa gloves and spa socks are spa supplies that are designed to help you recreate the results of these types of treatments at home. Instead of requiring you to apply lotions and creams or use tools, all you need to do to enjoy the benefits of spa gloves or spa socks is pull them on and leave them in place for the length of time recommended. This makes them a very convenient way to care for your skin and add extra pampering to your manicure or pedicure.

Exfoliating Solutions for the Hands

Many women develop rough skin and calluses on their hands due to the use of hand tools, the effects of dry weather and other causes. Exfoliating spa gloves are designed to address the problem of rough hands without the need for hand and nail implements like files. Spa gloves designed for exfoliation are typically made of rough, coarse weaves that cause friction against the skin. This friction loosens dead and thickened skin tissue from the hands. Many types of exfoliating gloves also double as treatments for the body. By wearing them in the shower or tub and rubbing from head to toe, you can use exfoliating spa gloves to brighten and smooth your skin.

Moisturizing Gloves for Softer Skin

Dryness is another common problem that affects the hands and feet and can contribute to roughness. Many spa gloves and socks are moisturizing. These products feature special linings made of essential oils and moisturizers that are absorbed by the skin while the socks or gloves are worn. With regular use, the products help replenish the skin's supply of moisture, so that it feels softer and silkier.

Heated Gloves for Pampering

Skin that is inflamed and chapped can be as uncomfortable as it is unsightly. Heated spa gloves and socks can help alleviate some of this discomfort and give you a chance to relax and unwind while wearing them. Some models also provide moisturizing benefits to the skin in addition to soothing the tissue with gentle heat.

drugstore.com has an array of spa gloves and socks for adding to your manicure or pedicure routine. The products in the collection also make great gifts of pampering for any occasion.

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