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Spa Gloves

 – When it's cold outside, you can easily protect the skin of your hands from the temperature by pulling on a pair of gloves. What if softening, smoothing and nourishing your skin could be done just as easily? With spa gloves, pampering your hands and feet is as simple as pulling on a comfy covering, and drugstore.com can help you see for yourself how easy it really can be. We carry a selection of pampering spa gloves to add to your manicure-pedicure routine.
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Enhancing the Luxury of Your Mani-Pedi

Spa gloves are cloth coverings that are used during a manicure or pedicure to add something extra luxurious to the experience. The coverings look like an ordinary pair of five-finger winter gloves or a pair of socks, but they have a special secret inside. Lining the spa gloves is a layer of moisturizing ingredients similar to a very thick hand cream.

Slipping your feet or hands into the gloves or socks allows the lining to rest against your skin until you take them off. As you wear the socks or gloves, your skin gradually absorbs some of the formula found in their lining. Spa gloves and socks can be used for a set number of treatments before the lining becomes depleted and it's time to replace them.

Benefits of Spa Gloves

The purpose of spa gloves and socks is to provide a deep moisturizing treatment to the hands and feet. You can think of spa gloves as being similar to a facial mask that you leave in place for an extended period of time. Like those facial treatments, spa gloves and socks can make big improvements in the texture and appearance of the hands and feet by restoring lost moisture to the tissue and providing the skin with vital nutrients.

When you remove the gloves or socks, your hands or feet will feel softer and smoother. The formulas used in the lining of some styles also contain skin-soothing ingredients that reduce redness and irritation to calm chapped skin. You can also find a select number of spa gloves and socks that plug into the wall or use batteries to produce heat. This helps to stimulate circulation and alleviate discomfort in the muscle tissue as well as in the skin.

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