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SPF 20-55

 –  Applying sunscreen every day creates a layer of protection for your skin, minimizing the potential impact of the sun's UVA and UVB rays. In fact, an October 2007 article in the Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention Journal confirmed that sunscreen is an effective tool in the fight against skin cancer. Sunscreen protection promotes healthier skin which can result in a cleaner looking complexion that appears vibrant and youthful for years.
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Choosing a sunscreen can be challenging, and the variety of sun protection factors, or SPFs, that are available on the market can make your purchase even more complex. SPF measures the sunscreen's level of protection - the higher the SPF, the more protective the sunscreen. However, SPF levels increase incrementally. Sun care products featuring an SPF of 22 to 55 can protect your skin from up to 98% of the sun's UVB rays. Discover what sun care products with an SPF of 22 to 55 are available at drugstore.com.

In addition to considering how much sun protection you want when purchasing a sun care product, also think about your level of sun exposure and level of activity. If you're wearing a daily sunscreen to protect your skin as you're walking to work or playing with the kids in the backyard, a lightweight, sheer product might provide the right protection. On the other hand, if you're jet-setting to a tropical locale and plan to spend hours on the beach or beside the pool, you might opt for a higher-level SPF for serious protection. If you're active - whether you're jogging outdoors or jumping into the ocean - opt for a water-resistant sun care product designed for outdoor sports, which ensures that the sunscreen is more likely to remain on your skin if you sweat or swim.

You can find sun care products at drugstore.com that are designed especially for the delicate skin on your face. Or, you can opt for a sun care product that offers all-over protection. If you have sensitive skin, check out sun care products designed exclusively for your skin type. These products are often free of fragrances and use natural ingredients, which can be soothing on your delicate skin type. The array of sun care products, SPF 22 to 55, available at drugstore.com also include sunscreens designed with children and toddlers in mind.

Sun care products come in a number of styles. You can use a traditional cream or lotion, which you lather up in your hands and apply all over your body. An SPF stick is easy to apply - simply rub the stick over your skin for instant coverage. A spray sunscreen allows you ensure every inch of your skin is covered with a continuous spray. You can find all of these styles here at drugstore.com.

Encourage healthy skin by protecting it from the sun. You can find an array of styles and SPFs, making improved sun protection just one purchase away. Sun care products are a simple and effective way to help protect your skin from head to toe. Find the one that's right for you today.

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