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 –  Continuing advances in beauty science mean that new tools for hairstyling are constantly being developed, giving you more ways to get gorgeous hairstyles without having to visit a salon. Tourmaline flat irons are one of the newest types of styling tools and offer many benefits for those who want straight, sleek locks with plenty of shine. drugstore.com brings you a wide selection of tourmaline models from which to choose.
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What Is a Tourmaline Flat Iron?

A tourmaline flat iron is a styling tool typically used to straighten the hair. The tool consists of two arms outfitted with plates made out of a precious gemstone called tourmaline or a mix of tourmaline bonded to ceramic materials. The arms are used like a clamp to grab hold of sections of the hair. As the flat iron is pulled along a section of hair, the heat causes bonds that encourage curling and the formation of waves to break, leaving the hair smoother and straighter. On the opposite end of the flat iron from the plates is a handle that makes the styling tool easy to grip.

What Do Ions Do For Hair?

The biggest benefit of a tourmaline flat iron is that it is able to produce a large number of negatively charged particles called ions. These particles have the ability to neutralize positive ions that build up along the hair strands. In so doing, the negative ions produced by the tourmaline flat iron reduce static electricity, so that hair becomes easier to manage. Negative ions also help to create a seal along the protective outer covering of the strands, making frizz less likely. The sealing effect can also increase the shine of the strands, giving hair a healthier look.

Tourmaline Flat Irons - Other Benefits

Tourmaline flat irons offer some other benefits for users that make them standout choices for those who want the best possible results from thermal styling. The plates of tourmaline flat irons are very smooth and are unlikely to snag the hair and cause damage to its outer protective covering. In addition, many tourmaline flat irons also feature infrared technology. This enables the styling tool to heat the inner core of the hair rather than the outer surface. This reduces heat stress and makes damage less likely. An infrared tourmaline flat iron is an excellent choice for daily use because it is gentler on the hair, and you can reduce the risk of damage even more by using a thermal protective styling product prior to styling.

How to Choose a Flat Iron

Choosing a flat iron with plates that are right the width for your hair's unique characteristics will help to ensure that you get the best possible results from straightening. If your hair is cut to a length below your shoulders, focus your search on flat irons with plates 1.25 inches wide or longer, selecting the widest available plates if your hair is very thick, very coarse or very curly. Medium length hair cut to the shoulders can be styled with flat irons between .75 inch and 1.5 inches in sizes, depending on its thickness, coarseness and natural waviness. Short hair is best styled with flat irons that have plates that are 1 inch wide or narrower with very fine, thin or straight locks requiring the smallest available plates.

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