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 – Good pairs of tweezers are some of the most useful tools to have in your medicine cabinet. In addition to using them to pluck unwanted hairs from your face and body, these products can make the process of removing splinters and ingrown hairs much easier. drugstore.com has a wide array of tweezers in several different styles so that you can find the perfect pair for any task.
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Different Types of Tweezers

Though you may have never given them much thought before, tweezers actually come in a variety of different styles. In order to choose the right type for you, it's important to know what you are planning to use them for. Many people – both men and women – use tweezers to shape their eyebrows, which can help make your eyes pop the way you want them to. For this task, the best type of tweezers tends to be those that are slanted. Slant tweezers are cut at a certain angle that allows you to hold them flat up against your face while you can see precisely which hairs you are plucking.

Pointed tweezers are the other most popular style for you to keep in your medicine cabinet, but they are used for entirely different tasks. These products are ideal for targeting ingrown hairs or splinters that are stuck underneath your skin. Since it typically takes a little digging to deal with these pesky problems, the sharp, fine point of this type of tweezers makes them the perfect tool.

How to Tweeze Hairs Correctly

Even once you have the right tools and accessories to tweeze your unwanted hairs, you still may dread the actual process of using them. When it's time to target some unfortunate facial hairs, however, there is a way to ensure your experience will be as pain-free as possible. First, you should wash your skin with warm water. Hairs become more relaxed after being cleaned, which makes them easier to target. When it comes time to actually pluck your hairs, pull your skin taut with your non-tweezing hand and then pull out each individual hair in the direction it's growing. You should take care not to pluck too many hairs at once in order to make the experience less painful. Once you have finished tweezing, you can apply lotion containing vitamin E or aloe in order reduce pain and help prevent irritation.

Removing Ingrown Hairs and Splinters

As long as a splinter or ingrown hair hasn't become infected, you can try to remove it yourself using a pair of pointed tweezers with your doctor’s approval. Prepare your skin first by washing the area with soap and warm water. You should also wash your hands and apply either an iodine solution or rubbing alcohol to your tweezers so as to best prevent infection. Finally, you can use the tweezers to try to access the hair or splinter. Once you have successfully removed the offending object, be sure to wash the wound and apply disinfectant before covering it with a bandage if necessary.

The process of keeping yourself well-groomed is always enhanced when you have the best tools at hand. Browse the selection of tweezers available from drugstore.com, and you will find a wide array of high-quality products to choose from.

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