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Washcloths & Headbands

- How do you like to wash? Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to getting their faces and bodies clean. No matter which way you prefer to lather and rinse, drugstore.com can help you find bath and spa products that you'll enjoy using when it comes time for a bath or a shower. We carry a wide assortment of products that are made for cleansing the skin. The product selection even includes a variety of washcloths and headbands.
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Solutions for Lathering and Cleansing

Soap and body wash products are an important part of bathing. These products contain cleansing agents called surfactants that cause physical changes to oils on the skin, allowing them to be washed away by water. Without these cleansing agents, the water would simply be repelled, and much of the dirt on your skin would stay in place. While soap and body wash can be applied to the skin with your hands, using some type of cleansing tool to rub it can help improve a cleanser's lather and its cleaning abilities.

Washcloths are cleansing tools made out of fabric that many people enjoy using. Those who prefer washcloths to other types of cleansing tools may like the softness of the fabric, particularly for washing delicate areas like the face and underarms. Some people also find washcloths easier to use due to their shape, their texture or the absorbency of the fabric.

True Hair Care Essentials

Experts generally recommend washing your face twice every day, but most people don't bathe that often. As a result, many people wash their faces at the sink rather than in the tub or shower at least once per day. For individuals with bangs and long hair, cleansing properly at the sink can be difficult, as strands along the hairline can cover the skin or get wet. Hairbands are designed to prevent these problems. These large stretchable rings of fabric are pulled on over the head to keep hair pulled away from the face. In addition to being handy when it comes time to cleanse, hairbands can be used while applying skin care products and cosmetics and while performing grooming tasks like plucking the eyebrows.

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