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 –  Keeping track of the time is an integral part of being able to function throughout the day, which is one key reason why watches have been popular for hundreds of years. Watches might also be used to make a fashion statement or to perform tasks such as measuring elapsed time or alerting you with an alarm. Here at drugstore.com, we have a broad assortment of watches for both men and women that run the gamut from simple timepieces to more complex devices.
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Digital vs Analog Watch

Watches generally fall into two broad categories. Analog options have been around for centuries and have hour, minute, and second hands that revolve around the watch face as time passes. Digital watches, on the other hand, were first introduced in the 1970s, and they display the time as digits on a small screen.

Analog watches might look a little more sophisticated, while digital watches are sportier. Both types are known for keeping excellent time, however. Actually reading the time from an analog watch might take a little longer than a digital watch because the wearer has to analyze the positions of the hands. With practice, however, this process will usually only take a few extra seconds.

Another type of watch is a digital-analog hybrid, which has both a display and physical hands. Some people prefer these watches because they blend the best of both worlds.

Watches for Fashion

While some people simply wear watches for their timekeeping abilities, other individuals consider a watch to be a piece of jewelry that is worn for fashion. You might choose an elegant watch with a metal band to seamlessly blend into an outfit. Alternatively, you may prefer a watch with a brightly-colored face or band that makes a statement and stands out from your wrist.

Special Watch Features

Beyond the look of your watch, you might also be interested in the types of features it has to offer. Digital watches, in particular, will often have built-in capabilities that can come in handy for certain timekeeping tasks.

Your watch might have a stopwatch feature that allows you to keep track of elapsed time and/or a timer that counts down according to your settings. You may also choose a watch with an alarm that can wake you up in the morning or remind you to perform certain tasks.

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