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 – If you're among the one out of every four adults who suffers from dry mouth, you know all about the discomfort that comes with a chronic deficiency of saliva. From the sticky feeling inside your mouth to the cracks that form outside it near the lips, the symptoms of dry mouth can be unpleasant and difficult with which to deal. Dry mouth can also have a detrimental impact on your oral health, as saliva is essential to keeping the gums and lining of the mouth hydrated and for helping to control bacteria and plaque. Fortunately, you can take steps to improve your dental health and get relief from dry mouth symptoms with Biotene products.
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Biotene is a brand of oral care products made especially for people with dry mouth. This condition can develop for a number of reasons, including age, the use of certain medications and as a symptom of some chronic medical conditions like diabetes. All Biotene products are manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, which has a history of providing personal care solutions since 1880. Because Biotene is made by GlaxoSmithKline, you can be sure that the products are produced under strict quality standards to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

The key to the efficacy of Biotene is the proprietary ingredient complex that it contains. Each time you use a Biotene product, you'll replenish the supply of key enzymes that are naturally present in your saliva. People with dry mouth tend to be deficient of these natural enzymes, and by supplementing the natural chemicals with Biotene, many symptoms of dry mouth can be reduced. Due to the effectiveness of the enzyme complex found in the products, Biotene is the number one pharmacist recommended line of dry mouth formulas in the United States, and the brand is frequently recommended by dentists and dental hygienists as well.

With the Biotene product collection, you can choose the simplest and most ideal method of dealing with dry mouth for your specific needs. The brand offers their enzyme-based products in a wide variety of formulas, ensuring that there is something for every sufferer of dry mouth within their lineup. You can opt for Biotene toothpaste to address dry mouth symptoms without having to add another product to your oral care routine. There are also oral rinses and gels available for daily use. To fight dry mouth while on the go, Biotene even offers dry mouth chewing gum.

If you're experiencing dry mouth for the first time, be sure to consult your doctor before using a Biotene product on your own. While Biotene can help relieve your symptoms, it's important to have a doctor's diagnosis as to the cause of your dry mouth, as serious medical conditions can cause the problem. Your doctor can let you know whether you need additional treatments to address an underlying condition that is causing your body to produce an inadequate amount of saliva.

Once you're clear about why it is you're having these dry mouth symptoms, drugstore.com can help you ease some of the discomfort and frustration with our complete collection of Biotene products. Shop the department now to find the right solutions for your mouth.

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