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 –  There are a number of approaches to addressing illness. Boiron, a worldwide leader in homeopathy, believes therapy should enhance your body's natural healing mechanisms and work in harmony with them. That's why their line of homeopathic products is formulated with compounds harvested directly from nature. The ingredients in the Boiron line of homeopathic products come from a variety of natural sources including plants, vegetables, minerals and ingredients of animal origin like honey produced by bees.
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Great care is taken when harvesting the raw materials Boiron uses in their line of homeopathic products - to help preserve the ecosystem, respect the environment and ensure the final product is safe and effective. Once harvested, the raw materials are carefully screened by a team of experts to verify their safety and quality. After screening, the active ingredients used to make their homeopathic therapies are extracted and diluted to make the final formulations. Each step in the process is carefully controlled and monitored to ensure the final product is of the highest quality.

A Complete Line of Homeopathic Remedies

Boiron offers a full line of homeopathic products including natural formulas for relieving pain as well as formulations for easing discomforts like swelling and bruising due to injuries, sprains and muscle strains. The brand also offers a line of products that target the symptoms of flu in an attempt to help shorten their duration. Boiron has also developed homeopathic products for soothing everyday discomforts like eye strain, sinus pressure, insomnia, allergies, heartburn and teething pain in babies.

What distinguishes Boiron homeopathic products from conventional medications is they work with your body, boosting your body's natural ability to fight illness. Boiron homeopathic therapies come in a variety of forms - creams, pellets, suppositories, drops, syrups, tablets, gels, ointments and more, each designed to maximize the product's benefits.

A Commitment to Quality and Research

Boiron continues to fund scientific research in the field of homeopathy. The goal is to find better approaches for addressing illness while creating awareness and educating the public about the role homeopathy plays in health and wellness. The staff includes a team of pharmacists well-versed in homeopathic medications and how they are processed by the body.

Homeopathy has been used for over 200 years as a natural approach to health and wellness. Borion believes homeopathy is an effective and environmentally-conscious approach to addressing illness and one that's gentler and with fewer side effects than conventional medications. Their customers seem to agree. Boiron ships its products to pharmacies and natural food stores in more than 60 countries. They're also actively involved in educating health care practitioners and pharmacists about their products and homeopathy as a natural approach to better health.

Boiron has been repeatedly recognized for its contributions to homeopathy. Some of the products have received awards and worldwide recognition for safety and effectiveness. For example, one of the therapies for flu received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval. Boiron remains committed to offering a natural approach to relieving the symptoms of common maladies using homeopathic formulations.

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