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Chillow® Brand Comfort Device

Ever Flip Your Pillow To Find The Cool Spot?

This device creates the lasting cool spot on your pillow!  Or, use by itself for a variety of comforting uses!  Needs No Refrigeration.

Fits Standard Pillow
13.5 x 20.5 x .625"

Terrific For:

  • Hot People
  • Hot Pillows
  • Headaches
  • Hot Flashes
  • Back Pain
  • Sunburns
  • Sore Feet
  • Great Sleep

Your Pillow Is Like A Desert ...
Pillows are like a desert - hot!  The materials they're made of trap heat on your face.  This heat is uncomfortable, and may even prevent you from getting your best and deepest sleep.

The Chillow® Is Your Oasis!
The Chillow® is like an oasis for your pillow - cool, soothing, and relaxing.  This added comfort increases your chances for better, more restful sleep.  It's like sleeping in the shade with a gentle breeze.

The Chillow® device uses new SoothSoft™ Comfort Technology.  SoothSoft™ products feel like this without refrigeration - Very Cool, Lightly Cool, Perfectly Comfortable!  This sensation is soothing, relaxing, very unique, and incredibly desirable!  Try it and see!

How The Chillow® Works ...
The radiator works to keep your car's 250 Degree engine cool by using water to help dissipate heat to the air.  Hot fluid enters the radiator, loses its heat, and cool water travels back thru the system to begin the process again.

A Wonderful Cooling Sensation!
The Chillow® acts as a radiator for your body.  It uses water to absorb, and then dissipate heat back to the surrounding air, leaving a cool sensation.  It stays dry on the outside, and does not need refrigeration.  It is very relaxing and enjoyable, indeed!

Dream A Little Dream...
Experts recommend keeping your sleep setting cool as one of the best tips to get great sleep.  The Chillow® device does just this without power, noise, or moisture; and it does not overcool you like power devices often do.

Cool Comfort For You ~ Chillow®

  • Glove Leather Soft
  • No Refrigeration Required (may be refrigerated if desired)
  • Non-Toxic and Safe
  • Powerless and Quiet

Use it anytime and anywhere you want cool comfort.  You'll love the way it feels!

  • Keep Your Pillow Cool - It's the cool spot you've been looking for!
  • Headaches & Hot Flashes - Really soothes your headache or hot flash.  Place it inside your pillow or lie on it directly.
  • Lounging - Enjoy extra comfort while lounging.
  • Hot, Active Kids - Kids love it!
  • Back Pain - Gently soothing for a bad back.

The Original Chillow® Brand Comfort Device
Have a great night ... So you can have a nice day.

An American Original.
This high quality device is proudly made in the USA.

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Chillow Comfort Device

 – Doesn’t it feel good to rest your head on a cool pillow? You can have that feeling anytime with a Chillow Comfort Device. This unique device you place against your face uses special technology to stay cool without refrigeration. Just place it on top of your pillow at night to keep your head cool and comfortable all night long. There’s no need to refrigerate the Chillow Comfort Device and it’s not powered by electricity.

How do you use it? Simply add water to the inner chamber of the cooling device. When you place your head on top of a Chillow, the water circulates and absorbs heat from your head and face and releases it into the environment. The result? You stay cool and experience more restful sleep. You can even adjust the level of coolness by changing which side of the Chillow Comfort Device you place your head on.

The Chillow Comfort Device isn’t just for sleeping. It offers cooling comfort when you have a headache or have spent too much time out in the sun. If you suffer from menopausal hot flashes, Chillow takes away the fire and cools your sweltering face and head. No need to take a cold shower!

Chillow Comfort Device is your best friend when the temperatures rise and you can't sleep because you feel too warm. It’s a cooling device designed for comfort with a soft surface that’s hypoallergenic and feels good against your skin. It’s also silent, unlike some electrical cooling devices that make noise. It won’t disturb your sleep, only enhance it.

The Chillow Comfort Device is appropriate for the whole family, even kids. Children love the way the pad feels against their skin and it’s soothing when they’ve spent too much time in the sun. Take it with you when you travel for more restful sleep when you’re away from home or are sunburned after lying on the beach. Just don’t expose it to direct sunlight. Save it for when you get home from the beach or pool.

A Chillow Comfort Device is easy to care for. Simply use a damp washcloth and mild soap to wipe the pad's surface every three to four weeks. There’s no guess work involved, the Chillow Comfort Device comes with complete instructions on how to use it and get the most benefits from it.

When you need a “cooler head” or more restful sleep, a Chillow Comfort Device can help. It also offers cooling comfort for unexpected maladies like headaches, sore muscles from overexerting yourself or back pain. When you want more intense chill, place the Chillow in the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes before placing it where it’s sore. It’s versatile and the perfect way for the whole family to “chill out" and feel more comfortable.