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 – As the leading maker of anti-acne formulas, Clearasil has been helping people of all ages since its founding in 1950. Using effective, dermatologist-tested formulas, the range of products comes in a variety of applications, including creams, lotions, washes and scrubs. This allows individuals with acne-prone skin to choose the methods that suit their own particular needs and their skin care regimen. For generations, Clearasil has been the skin care brand that many people have turned to in their quest for clear, healthy skin.
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Acne is one of the most prevalent and stubborn types of skin care challenges around. When skin pores become clogged with excess sebum (the natural oils produced by skin), old skin cells, sooty deposits from the air and old makeup residue, the conditions for skin breakouts are activated. This mix of materials also provides an environment in which the aptly named bacteria P. acnes can flourish which is the primary cause of acne infections. This results in blackheads, whiteheads and pimples, with accompanied red, inflamed skin. The best solution is to wash out the pores, reduce the population of bacteria and help the skin restore and renew itself. Scrubbing with soap and water is usually ineffective – and can often cause additional irritation.

Clearasil offers a variety of formulations, whether it's their original, effective sulfur and resorcinol products or cutting-edge formulas including benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These help to unpack clogged pores, fight bacterial infection, control oil balance and promote healthy skin cell turnover. Sulfur, a part of anti-acne products since ancient times, is an effective method to reduce oil levels on the skin and clear pore-blocking materials. Resorcinol, originally based on a botanical formula, actively dissolves blackheads and whiteheads to promote a clearer complexion. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, used separately or in combination, are both effective at drying out oily skin, clearing pores and minimizing infection caused by P. acnes. Salicylic acid also helps to gently exfoliate the skin by weakening the bonds that keep old, dying skin cells clinging to the surface. This allows new, healthy cells to come to the surface, helping to renew the skin. As an added benefit, salicylic acid also helps to reduce the size of pores, providing a smoother surface.

The range of products offered by Clearasil is an effective tool kit for acne help. Some Clearasil products offer an invisible, long-lasting method for fighting acne-causing conditions. Other Clearasil creams provide a subtle tint to help cover the red, inflamed signs of bacterial infection while the medication brings the P. acnes under control. Face washes help to keep pores clear and clean, while facial scrubs include both salicylic acid and micro beads to gently exfoliate the skin and allow a healthy renewal of the complexion. Cleaning pads provide an effective method for wiping away the materials that can clog skin pores – use them at home or carry on-the-go pads in your pocket or purse. Whatever your skin condition and skin care regimen, there is sure to be a Clearasil product that will meet your needs.

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