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 – Protecting skin against the sun's ultraviolet rays is a basic part of good skin care. Everyone realizes the importance of sunscreen to guard against skin discoloration, dehydration, lines and wrinkles and loss of skin tone. Finding a sunscreen that is not only effective but comfortable, long-lasting and compatible with every need throughout the day can be difficult. Cotz has met this challenge by creating a line of sunscreens that are cosmetically elegant and comfortable, while still providing strong protection against the sun's radiation. The special formulations are free of chemical additives, oil and fragrances, so these sunscreens can be used without causing irritation or stinging. In fact, the smooth feel make them pleasant to apply and wear, even throughout the day under foundation.
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UV and Sunscreen

Not all ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the same, or all sunscreen. Different types of UV filter through the atmosphere, from the longer UVA wavelengths that cause skin to tan (and burn, if overexposed), but can also cause long-term skin discoloration, as well as dry skin. Shorter wavelengths with higher energy, classified as UVB rays, penetrate deeper into the skin tissues, where they damage the supporting collagen and elastin cells, eventually resulting in lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. The sunscreens offered by Cotz are formulated to provide broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB radiation. Unlike many other sunscreens, however, they do not use chemical ingredients which react with the UV rays and, in the process, eventually lose their protection. Instead, Cotz sunscreens use stable mineral ingredients that block the UV over long periods of time.


To be effective, sunscreen, first of all, has to be worn. The need for protection against UV rays goes beyond the beach or a day in the park: throughout the day, the sun's rays present a danger to the skin. The high energy of UV wavelengths allows them to filter to the ground in any season, they can even penetrate through cloudy skies and be reflected off the ground – not just sand, but snow and pavement as well. The pure formulations of Cotz sunscreens make them comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day; the smooth, cosmetically elegant texture makes them compatible even with makeup.

Skin with Special Needs

Although all skin types and colors need protection from UV radiation, there are some conditions which require extra safeguards. A side effect of certain medical conditions can be photosensitive skin, which results in strong reactions to sun exposure. People with lupus and other autoimmune and rheumatoid conditions, patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy and people with vitiligo need strong UV protection. Many prescription medications and some OTC (over the counter) drugs can also cause photosensitive reactions. Other conditions, such as post microdermabrasion and acid peels, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and acne breakouts and recent surgery – particularly skin grafts and transplants – require the use of sunscreens that are free of additives and chemicals that might cause irritation or discomfort. Of course, young children over six months old and people with the fairest – and most easily burned – complexion appreciate an effective, non-irritating sunscreen as well.

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