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 – Every day, your body requires 13 essential vitamins to perform all of the necessary functions that power life, build new tissues and support your organ systems. When your body doesn't get enough of the vitamins that it requires, you can suffer severe health consequences, but adding supplements to your diet can help you address deficiencies and remain in good health. Ddrops is a brand of dietary supplement created to supply one key vitamin to men, women and children--vitamin D.
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Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins to good health, as it has many important jobs in the body. Without vitamin D, the body is unable to absorb the calcium needed to keep the bones and teeth strong. Vitamin D is also used to conduct messages from the nerves to the brain. The immune system requires vitamin D to help fight off foreign pathogens that can make the body sick. In addition, this key nutrient is shown to reduce inflammation.

Unlike other vitamins, the body is able to manufacture vitamin D in response to sun exposure, but nowadays, busy lifestyles and concerns about the harmful effects of UV have resulted in people spending less time outdoors. As a result, more people than ever are showing signs of vitamin D deficiency.

Low levels of vitamin D due to a lack of sun exposure are most common in the elderly and shut-ins. People who are lactose intolerant may also become deficient, as many dairy products are fortified with vitamin D. Breastfed infants, obese individuals, people with dark skin and those with certain digestive disorders are also at risk for vitamin D deficiency, the symptoms of which include bone pain, muscle weakness and bone softness.

Ddrops are liquid vitamins that are easy to take and very beneficial for those who struggle to get enough vitamin D through sun exposure and diet alone. The liquid can be applied to food, added to a beverage, taken on a spoon or even administered to the back of a freshly washed hand and licked or sucked away. The products are made in Canada in accordance with all of the health and safety guidelines established by the Canadian government.

Because vitamin D deficiencies can strike people of any age, the Ddrops collection includes solutions for the entire family. For adults, there are traditional and vegan formulas available in different dosages to meet specific health care needs. You'll also find Ddrops formulas made especially for kids that are flavored to make them more appealing. The collection even includes extra gentle formulas developed for infants.

If your doctor has expressed concerns about your intake of vitamin D or your child's pediatrician feels he or she could be vitamin D deficient, the Ddrops collection can help you ensure that you or your child gets the necessary amount of vitamin D to absorb calcium optimally, power the nervous system and support the activities of the immune system. Shop the Ddrops supplements department now to find the right formula to help you or your child get the perfect daily dose of vitamin D.

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