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Whether you're getting in shape, staying in shape or just want to make good nutrition changes, here's what you need to know.
Apple Cider Vinegar: A Powerhouse Condiment >
Simple ingredients can make a powerful product. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) requires apple juice, sugar, yeast, bacteria and time to make.
Hangover Cures and Prevention >
Your head is pounding. Your mouth is dry. Your stomach is queasy. The morning after a night of overindulging in alcohol can make you desperate for a cure to ease your hangover.
Over-the-Counter Products to Help with Weight Gain >
There are many high calorie powdered and liquid dietary shakes and supplements available to help you gain weight.
Over-the-Counter Treatments for Swimmer's Ear >
Swimmer's ear, also called otitis externa, is an inflammation of the ear canal often caused by bacteria or fungal growth in the moist area of the outer ear. Frequent showering or swimming (especially in polluted water) can make you more prone to swimmer's ear.
Simple and Vital: Vitamin C in Your Diet >
Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is a powerful nutrient, critical to maintaining your health. It has several “job functions” inside your body, all of which are important.
Swimmer's Itch and Treatments >
Swimmer's itch is a rash that can develop after people swim or wade in contaminated water. Certain microscopic parasites in the water can attach to the skin and cause irritation.
Sweet Talk on Cane Sugar Sweeteners >
There are many types of sugar cane products available now, but not all are made the same way . . . and not all carry the same nutritional content.
Sweet Talk II: Nine Non-Cane Sugar Sweeteners >
Are they all natural? In nature, yes. In processing, not always. Get to know your brand and how your sweetener is processed.
Use Herbs and Spices to Reduce Inflammation >
Here’s a tasty way to spice up your diet and cool inflammation naturally. Many inflammation fighters are simple seasonings, several of which you may already have in your kitchen
Water Workouts >
You can enjoy a water workout without putting your head underwater. So, step right in . . . the water’s fine.
What Is an Anti-inflammatory Diet? >
Can you eat your way out of chronic inflammation? Some medical professionals think eating certain foods, in the right balance, will help.