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Amino Acids

 –  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Proteins have a number of important functions in the body and are vital for overall health. Many fitness trainers stress the importance of getting enough protein if you exercise or are trying to build lean body mass. At drugstore.com, we are pleased to offer a growing selection of amino acid supplements for men and women. These supplements make it easier to meet your daily protein requirements.
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Amino Acid Powder Supplements

Amino acid blends in powder form can offer a convenient way to get amino acids as a supplement to a meal or before, during or after a workout. Simply mix a powder with water for a protein-rich drink that goes down easily. Enjoy a variety of great-tasting flavors. Some amino acid blends are formulated with added ingredients like coffee and green tea extract for energy support.

How Do Amino Acid Tablets Work?

Amino acid tablets are one of the most convenient ways to get added protein. Individual amino acids and amino acid combinations are available. These supplements help supply the amino acids your body may require for muscle growth and for immune support after a tough workout. Supplements are available that are free of preservatives, synthetic colorings and flavorings, solvents, gluten and yeast.

What Is Tyrosine?

Tyrosine is an amino acid your body uses to make brain chemicals that affect your mood and support your thyroid gland, the gland that regulates your metabolism. L-tyrosine supplements provide tyrosine in capsule form for added convenience. Some people combine L-tyrosine with other amino acid supplements.

What Are Branched Chain Amino Acids?

Branched-chain amino acid supplements are a favorite of bodybuilders and recreational weight lifters. Fitness people use them to support muscle growth and enhance muscle recovery after a workout. As most fitness trainers point out, muscles need protein, in the form of amino acids, to grow and for muscle recovery. Branched-chain amino acids are three amino acids your body needs but can't make. You have to get them through diet or supplements. Branched-chain amino acid supplements are available as a capsule you can take up to three times a day.

What Is L-Carnitine?

L-carnitine, derived from amino acids, is a compound that helps cells use fat as a source of energy. It's a popular supplement among athletes, bodybuilders and people trying to lose weight. Carnitine is found naturally in protein-rich foods like beef but L-carnitine supplements may provide carnitine in a more concentrated form. There are also L-carnitine supplements suitable for vegetarians. In some supplements, L-carnitine is combined with L-tartrate to support muscle growth and recovery in people who work out. More research is needed to determine if L-carnitine is beneficial for these uses.

Be sure to ask your doctor before taking any kind of supplement, especially if you have medical concerns. Ask your doctor which type of supplement is best for you. Then shop our selection of amino acid supplements at drugstore.com

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