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Analog Scales

 –  Obesity affects roughly one-third of adults in the United States, and approximately an additional third of all adults are overweight. If you're taking steps to improve your diet and increase your physical activity in order to shed pounds, you need a way to monitor your progress as you continue on the path to a healthy weight. At drugstore.com, we have a selection of easy-to-use analog scales to help support your healthy diet and weight loss plan.
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What Is an Analog Scale?

An analog scale or mechanical scale is a device that is used to measure weight. Inside of an analog scale is a spring that is attached to the weighing surface on the outside of a scale. On a bathroom scale, the weighing surface is the area upon which you stand. When you step onto the bathroom scale, the force of your body acts on the spring and on a system of levers inside of the device. As the spring compresses, it either moves a needle on a round dial or causes a dial to spin. On a needle model, the tip of the needle will point to your weight measurement. On a dial model, your weight will appear in a viewing window with an indicator line on it.

Are Analog Scales Better than Digital?

Analog scales aren't the only type of scale available on the market. You can also purchase digital scales that display a reading using an electronic system rather than a spring and lever system. There are many reasons why you may choose to purchase an analog scale instead of a digital model. Some analog scales are capable of supporting more weight than digital devices, and in many cases, analog scales are less expensive than digital scales of similar quality. Also, analog scales do not require batteries or need to be recharged. They are also very simple and straightforward to use.

Types of Scales to Complement Your Lifestyle

There are two main types of analog scales available to complete your diet: bathroom scales and food scales.
  • A bathroom scale measures your body weight and can help you track how well your diet and exercise plan are working.
  • Food scales are used during food preparation. You can use a scale to ensure that you add a precise amount of a particular ingredient to a recipe or to determine how large of a portion you are eating. Knowing the weight of your food can help you better track how many calories you have consumed during the day for improved weight loss results.

Making Sense of the Scale

An analog scale is only helpful if you use it properly. Many scales require calibration before use, making it important that you read the instructions included with your device. A physician can help you determine what healthy weight you should be striving for and how long it will likely take you to achieve your goal. Knowing how much weight you should expect to lose each week and each month will help you interpret the numbers that you see on the scale and ensure that you're on track to achieving your goals. A health care provider can also provide you with advice on how many calories you should consume per day to assist you with properly portioning foods using an analog food scale.

You can rely on drugstore.com for the scales you need to keep track of your weight and make cooking and food preparation easier.

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