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Body Fat Monitors

 –  If you're taking steps to lower your body fat level and improve your health, drugstore.com can help. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is working in your health routine and what isn’t. Getting fit, staying healthy, and managing weight are important priorities that may be aided by any number of monitoring devices. With our wide selection of body fat monitors at drugstore.com, we have solutions to help you track your progress as you strive to meet your goals.
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Body Fat Monitors vs Scales

Body fat monitors and scales are both commonly used to monitor progress while on the path to weight loss, but these two types of devices provide very different information. A scale tells you how much your body weighs. It provides a measurement in pounds or kilograms that lets you know the total weight of your bones, muscles, organs, body fat and skin. A body fat monitor does not provide a pound or kilogram reading. Instead, it will register a percentage measurement. The number tells you how much of your body weight comes from fat. For example, a reading of 25 percent tells you that roughly 25 percent of your body is made up of stored fat.

Why Use a Body Fat Monitor?

When you're trying to lose weight, your actual goal is to lower your total amount of body fat. Monitoring your weight with a scale can give you a rough idea of how much fat you are losing, while your weight may fluctuate based on many different factors. For example, water retention can add more pounds to your weight. You may also gain weight as you build muscle mass. Using a body fat monitor allows you to accurately track how much fat you are burning and gives you a clearer picture of how successful your healthy diet and exercise plan is.

How to Find Out Body Fat

There are many different types of body fat monitors available on the market today. One option is the body fat caliper, which pinches various areas of the body to give you an idea of how much fat is present in the area. Using the system provided with the caliper, you can then calculate your overall body fat percentage. Other body fat monitors use an electrical current to measure body fat and provide an overall percentage reading. These products include wristwatches, hand-held scanners and devices that you stand on to get a reading. You can also find digital scales that provide body weight and body fat percentage readings.

What Should My Body Fat Be?

In order to make the most of your new body fat monitor, you need to know what your ideal body fat percentage is based on your body's unique characteristics. Typically, the ideal body fat readings for women fall between 31 and 34 percent, while the ideal reading is between 19 and 22 percent for men. Depending on your overall health, the shape of your body, your age and your fitness level, your doctor may recommend that you strive for a percentage that is higher or lower than the typical ideal range. Consulting your physician will help you to establish the right body fat percentage goal.

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