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Core and Resistance Training

 –  All worthwhile workout routines require a balance between cardiovascular exercise and strength training. The strength component of these fitness regimes helps build or tone the muscles in your body--from the deeper core muscles to the more superficial muscles in your arms and legs. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of core and resistance training equipment for core and resistance training to help you get stronger and healthier.
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J-Fit - Fit Disk, Blue - 1 ea
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What Does Core Mean?

You will often hear people talking about their "core" as a buzzword at the gym or on TV, but it's important to understand what this term actually means. Your core muscles are a complex group that are responsible for balance, stability, and your range of motion. No matter how you want to use the muscles in your extremities, all the power and control behind these movements starts in your core.

What Are Core Muscles?

The muscle groups that make up your core include those in your abdomen, pelvic floor, lower back, and hips. They range from superficial to deep muscles, and they need to be strong and flexible in order to serve you as best they can. If your core muscles are well developed, they will contribute to better posture, a healthy back, good balance, and the ability to do more tasks without suffering fatigue. Weak core muscles, on the other hand, may lead to back pain and a higher risk of serious injury.

How to Strengthen Core Muscles

There are a number of exercises you can do on a regular basis to help strengthen your core. Old standbys such as pushups, sit-ups, and planks, for example, all help build and tone a number of core muscle groups.

Since balance is such a key element of a developed core, many fitness professionals recommend doing core training using an exercise ball, air cushion, or trampoline. These pieces of equipment are designed to put you off balance, and they require you to use many of your deeper core muscles to maintain stability.

Other tools you might consider for core training include options like ab rollers, pull-up bars, and abdominal toning systems. Accessories like yoga mats can also make you more comfortable when doing exercises on the floor.

Why Resistance Training?

Resistance training is one of the most popular ways to help strengthen both your core muscles and the muscles in your extremities. In resistance training, you can use any sort of external force to make your muscles work extra hard in order to contract. Weight lifting at the gym is one type of resistance training, but there are several ways you can practice this form of exercise at home.

You can use resistance bands, dumbbells, or exercise machines, for instance, to control the amount of weight pushing against your muscles. Other popular products use your own body weight as the means of resistance and require you to lift, push, pull, or hold yourself up using various muscle groups.

No matter what your fitness goals, it's easy to work on your muscles using our core and resistance training equipment at drugstore.com.

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