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Energy and Endurance

 –  Whether you're just beginning to get physically fit or you're training hard to take your fitness routine to the next level, you want to make the most out of every workout. drugstore.com can help you get the support you need to power through grueling exercise. We have a wide variety of diet and fitness products formulated for energy and endurance concerns with something to complement every active lifestyle.
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What Are Energy Boosters?

Endurance and energy products are formulas that are produced to help athletes, exercise enthusiasts and those new to exercise achieve their fitness goals. Workouts place a big demand on the body, which can lead to fatigue. When your body becomes deprived of energy, you may struggle to complete your workout or to give every move your all from start to finish. Endurance and energy products are designed to assist with this problem. Products include formulas that contain nutrients that can become depleted during exercise and lead to feelings of fatigue. They may also contain substances believed by some fitness and medical experts to energize the body and increase endurance.

Workout Supplements

Dietary supplements for energy and endurance are tablets, capsules, liquids and powders that are used to support exercise. Some energy and endurance supplements provide the body with electrolytes, salts that can become depleted due to the dehydration that can accompany heavy sweating. You can also find energy and endurance supplements that contain nutrients that some researchers believe enhance athletic performance, such as the amino acid l-carnitine.

What Is an Adaptogen?

Other supplements feature stimulants like caffeine or herbs that are called adaptogens. Some fitness experts believe that adaptogen herbs may help to reduce the effects of physical stress on the body to increase endurance and stamina. Rhodiola rosea and Asian ginseng are two herbs that are often classified as adaptogens. More research is needed to confirm that these ingredients are beneficial for reducing body stress.

Energy Drinks and Snacks

With a busy lifestyle, finding time to eat properly before and after workouts can be a challenge. When you don't have time to energize your body with a well-balanced meal, energy and endurance bars can be used as snacks and meal replacements. These bars provide the body with vital nutrients and are easy to eat while on the go. Energy drinks and shots are another solution for fighting fatigue. These products contain stimulants like caffeine and guarana and may temporarily boost energy levels.

Promoting Energy and Enhancing Endurance Safely

Maintaining your energy levels during and after exercise and improving your endurance can help you to get more from your workouts; however, it is important that you choose and use energy and endurance products wisely. Fitness experts recommend speaking to a doctor before taking any type of energy or endurance supplement or adding an energy and endurance bar, chew, gel, drink or shot to your diet. Ingredients in energy and endurance solutions can vary greatly from product to product, and some ingredients may not be safe for all individuals. A health care professional can help you determine which energy and endurance product will help you safely achieve your fitness goals.

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